Reminder to PDA Letter Droppers – Call is tonight!

Aug 1, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director and Judy Hess, Associate Director/Field Operations – Progressive Democrats of America

Thank you, as always, to our intrepid and dedicated Letter Droppers!

We will have a slightly different format this month because of the Summer For Progressproject PDA and many other organizations are doing.  In essence, we are arranging Lobby Visits to every Democratic Congress Member in the House of Representatives, to ask them to C0-sponsor 8 special bills.  These bills are in the House Letter we will deliver.

We also have a special ask of our Letter Droppers, and that is to either Anchor or participate in a group to lobby YOUR Congress Member the week of August 7-11. To participate, you need to click on two links:

1     Sign the nationwide petition to ask all members to cosponsor these 8 bills HERE.

2     Sign up to be on a Lobby Team HERE.

If you are unable to join such a group, we ask that you sign the peition anyway, HERE. And please encourage all your friends to do the same – push the link out on social media – early and often!

You will also be interested to know that we are inviting people to join the call from other participating organizations in the Summer for Progress, to hear about the 8 bills. So don’t be surprised if you hear some new voices identify themselves on the line.

Donna will present the info on the letters, both House (Summer For Progress legislation) andSenate.


Call Details:

What:                   Letter Droppers’ Call
When:                  Tuesday, August1   9:00 p.m. Eastern, 6:00 p.m. Pacific
Where:                 Your phone and computer or portable device
Call No:                641-715-3605  Access Code:      699795#

If you intend to drop a letter this month, please email Judy Hess here: with this simple info:

If to a Congressmember – the name, CD number and city (e.g. Costa CA-16 Fresno)
If to a Senator – the name, the state and the city (e.g. Harris CA Fresno)

New to this or rusty?  Here’s the drill – there’s the “before” part, and the “after” part!

Before you go:

  1. Email as above
  2. Download and save the letter(s) you intend to deliver
  3. Insert the correct information in the blanks
  4. Save again, and print
  5. Sign

Now you are ready to deliver your letter!  This is the ground game. If you feel comfortable discussing it with a staffer, you can make an appointment – but if not, merely introduce yourself and advise you are delivering our PDA letter with important information to relay to the Representative/Senator. If you can get a picture of yourself presenting the letter, that is awesome, but not required!

After you drop your letter:

As soon as you deliver (so we can do the air game):

  1. Call or text Judy at 559-907-0279 that you delivered and where (State and CD no or Senator)
  2. OR email Judy at that you delivered and where
  3. If you got a picture, email it to with where you delivered and the names of those in the picture

The air game is this – Mike Fox’s Phone Team makes calls to the office(s) where you dropped the letter(s). Something to the effect of, “Hey this is ____, calling to tell you that the letter ____ dropped at your office today is very important to me.  Please make sure your boss is fully aware of the legislation and our requests!”

Hope to hear your voice on the call!

Until next time…

In solidarity,

Donna Smith and Judy Hess