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May 30, 2020


Dr. Bill Honigman for Alan, Mike F., Mike H., Dan, Donna, Janis, Deb, Bryan, and Kimberly—Your PDA National Team



Join PDA’s Healthcare Emergency Online Town Hall
TOMORROW, 5/31–Email Mike Fox to RSVP to Log In

Support PDA’s COVID-19/Healthcare Organizing


Progressive Democrats of America is rededicating ourselves to the following principles:

1. Existential threats of war, poverty, disease, and climate
2. Peace and social justice mean no economic justice, no peace
3. Injustice anywhere requires our activism everywhere

We at PDA are thinking and acting on the idea that those who have lost their lives fighting the existential threats of war, poverty, disease, and climate be remembered, and those deaths yet to come due to all of these causes be prevented.

Prioritizing our hard-earned money, sweat, and blood equity means demanding Healthcare Not Warfare, Windmills Not Weapons, and Justice Or Bust.

Email Your Senators and Representative, Tell Them to
Cosponsor the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

Click Here to Email Your Members of Congress

Protect Nurses, Patients, and the Public Health

Join Our Emergency Healthcare Online Meeting
May 31st, 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT—RSVP to Mike Fox

Protect Healthcare Professionals! Make Calls For
The COVID-19 Health Care Worker Protection Act

Sign The Petition: Put Medicare For All
In The 2020 Democratic Party Platform

COVID19 has shown us that in order to attain peace and social justice, healthcare must be prioritized as a human right. It has shown us that without eliminating the economic injustice and waste fraud and abuse of big insurance and big pharma, all of us are placed at risk.

We’re acting to protect those on the front lines of essential services like the nurses, and especially those in communities marginalized by the greed of a capitalist system that doesn’t meet the needs of those considered to be not profitable.

We know that where there is no Healthcare Justice there is no Economic Justice, and where there is no justice there can be no peace, especially this pandemic and those pandemics yet to come due to rising global temperatures.

So as we know in PDA, when there’s injustice anywhere, there must be activism everywhere. We recommend on this #MedicareForAllMonday Memorial Day that you consider doing the following:

Join our Educate Congress/Letter Drop team to deliver letters to our members of Congress advocating for the Sanders/Jayapal HR6906 Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (HCEGA), HR6139 the COVID19 Health Care Worker Protection Act, and HR92 the Vote-By-Mail Act.

Join our longtime coalition partners CODEPINK in “Peace Caravans” (where safe to do so).

Join our weekly PDA Healthcare Emergency Online Town Halls, every Sunday at 4p ET / 1p PT where we are discussing latest news and actions specific for the COVID19 pandemic and its political effects, get the login info from

(Re)view previous PDA Healthcare Emergency Online Town Halls on YouTube.


P.S.: Please remember to RSVP to Mike Fox to join our Healthcare Emergency Virtual Town Hall / Webinar TOMORROW, Sunday 5/31 from 4-5pm ET, and 1-2pm PT. Mike will provide all the call-in information.

Then, join PDA investing to enact Medicare For All and science-based, effective, emergency COVID-19 response policies.

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  1. Judith Langhans

    A human body needs a tune up from time to time and when it breaks down.
    Let’s treat our bodies as well as our cars at the very least.