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Jul 9, 2024 | PDA News

Join us at the Chicago Teachers Union Hall Sunday, August 18, and Monday, August 19, 2024, as we proudly celebrate PDA’s 20th year of positive progressive activism. 


PC2024_logo_sq_225.jpgThe central organizing principle of Progressive Central 2024 is simple: progressive politics match the needs of 21st century America.

Our policies, individually and as a unified program, provide the best solutions to the crises that are undermining contemporary American society and politics.

The progressive agenda is all about building the type of society the overwhelming majority of Americans want.

Progressive Central 2024 will systematically outline core progressive policies, explain why they tackle the most pressing issues of our time, and present them as a coherent whole to the American public.

There is a lot of misinformation about progressive politics. Progressive Central 2024 will set the record straight. 

What to expect: We will feature panels daily with national figures speaking on topics ranging from antidotes to the crisis of American democracy to a 21st-Century Economic Bill of Rights, the Climate Emergency, recasting U.S. foreign policy, and more.

In-person tickets are available at the Early Bird price of just $20 each day, or $30 for both days. REGISTER NOW!

Can’t make it but want to support the event? Donate here.

For more information, see

We are excited to come together and build on our progressive, people powered movement at Progressive Central 2024!

We look forward to seeing you!



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