Reduce the bloated defense budget.

Nov 17, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Demand Congress Support Social Spending Not Military Excess; Money for Life not Death


How is it that other countries have far superior public education and healthcare systems than the United States? Aren’t we the richest major nation in the world?

Is it that we pay lower taxes? Nope. Not really.

The answer lies in what we buy with our taxes. The prosperous countries of Western Europe and East Asia invest directly in the welfare of their citizens. We pour money into the boondoggles of the military-industrial complex.

Never has this contrast been clearer than this past month when Congressional Republicans and conservative Democrats have opposed spending on programs that will dramatically improve the lives of millions of Americans—while they enthusiastically support an increase in the military budget by $38 billion over President Trump’s final year ($24 billion more than requested by President Biden).

In other words, Congress is poised spend $8 trillion on the military over the next decade.

This year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) calls for a $778 billion Pentagon budget – that’s four and a half times larger than the proposed Build Back Better reconciliation bill.

Join with PDA and send a message to Congress.

Click here to let your U.S. Senators know that this level of military spending is unacceptable, and tell them to vote no on the NDAA.

Senate Leadership is also restricting the number of amendments which will be voted on. This is unacceptable. Although we oppose the NDAA, we support the passage of the following amendments, knowing that Senators can vote yes on amendments and still vote no on the NDAA.

We call for the passage of:

An amendment to end US support for the war in Yemen

An amendment to repeal the Iraq War authorization

An amendment to cut the bloated Pentagon budget

Also, demand the Senate not attach the US Innovation and Competition Act (an Anti-China Bill) to the NDAA. The Act declares the defense of Taiwan a national priority and funds further militarization of the South China Sea.

Thanks so much for taking action



  1. Donald Landers

    Spend more money on saving lives than taking lives.

  2. Valerie O Cornelius

    Our country and its citizens have many financial problems that require money! The 3.5 trillion was wheedled down due to financial concerns! Yet, more money is going into the Pentagon and war! WHY?

  3. Patricia Duvet

    Stop the waste on military spending…take care of social programs… universal medical care…parental leaves…senior dental and vision…and the climate. Save the planet by not investing in ways to make war and destroy it!