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Sep 21, 2018

photo: Sen. Elizabeth Warren With PDA Massachusetts Organizers

By  Mike Hersh for Alan, Donna, Mike F., Janis, Dan, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Judy, Dr. Bill, and Shayna—your PDA National Team

…We Must Upgrade Congress

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in 2004 to elect a governing progressive majority. The disgusting behavior from Capitol Hill—confirming Trump’s corrupt and unqualified extremist nominees, rubber-stamping reckless policies, covering up wrongdoing—underscores the imperative need to achieve this goal.

Time is short. This November, we must elect many many more empowered progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kevin De Leon to the Senate; and Raúl Grijlava, Tulsi Gabbard, Barbara Lee, and Jim McGovern to the House!

Support PDA’s Win 2018 Action Fund With a Generous Gift

PDA celebrates Senator Elizabeth Warren’s strong progressive leadership with her legislation to eliminate political corruption, her calls to end abuses by ICE and Trump’s general abuse of migrants, as well as her defense of the Supreme Court against Trump’s horrendous nominee Brett Kavanaugh. We strongly support her proposals for another New Deal—policies to advance the economic and social rights of all.

PDA endorsed Elizabeth Warren for election to the United States Senate in 2012, and we endorsed her for reelection this year. Powerful special interests have once again targeted her for defeat. Please click here and donate now to help Elizabeth Warren win re-election and also to support PDA’s efforts.

PDA activists like you keep elected officials’ feet to the fire with face-to-face meetings, phone banking, and other organizing. Please support Elizabeth Warren and PDA now.

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Alan, Donna, Mike F., Janis, Dan, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Judy, Dr. Bill, and Shayna—your PDA National Team

P.S. Help us step up our organizing on the issues you care about. Give $1,000, $100 or whatever you can to support PDA Now! We’re here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need any help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Dan O’Neal.


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