Proud To Stand With Ilhan Omar. Will You Join Us?

Feb 3, 2023 | PDA News

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

We Stand With Ilhan Omar. How About You?


Ilhan_Headshot.jpegWe were proud to stand with Ilhan Omar during her first run. We continued working to make sure she was re-elected. And re-elected, again.

We were proud as we organized PDA activists to contact their House Member in defense of the attacks on her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

And now we’re saddened, and frankly angry, that the MAGA bigots in the House have removed her from the committee for no legitimate reason besides the really ugly ones: she’s a woman of color, a Muslim, and an immigrant. If that wasn’t enough, her accurate view that AIPAC has too much power in Congress was the final dagger.

We proudly continue to stand with Ilhan, and will work to make sure her voice—and the voices of her constituents—are heard.

Please donate all you can now to help ensure Ilhan continues to be a progressive force.

These events are especially bothersome as we recognize Black History Month. Proof, once again, that the scourges of racism and bigotry are not only central parts of our history, but of our present, as well.

Please do all you can now.


  1. Rafael Garcia

    It is imperative that we as democrats play by the same trickery spineless republicans do!
    Use all our tools allowed to us to play dirty as well!
    Tired of being nice with those crazy, racists, narcissistic idiots!!
    Specially MTG and Gaetz

  2. Bruce Whitehouse

    She was targeted by the QGop.

  3. Lucius Black

    I Stand with the Representative!

  4. Robert Williams

    She’s certainly right about AIPAC having too much power in Washington