Progressives Demand Delay In Kavanaugh Confirmation Process

Sep 28, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh at Previous Hearing (public domain)

By Mike Hersh – Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America calls on Senators to put national interest above political expediency and delay the final confirmation vote on Brett Kavanaugh until the new Senate is sworn in next January, according to the “McConnell Rule.”
WASHINGTON – Sept. 28, 2018 – PRLog — PDA Communications Director Mike Hersh said, “We join Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski calling for a delay before any Senate vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh to allow a full background investigation into Kavanaugh’s alleged wrong-doing. All Senators must put the National Interest above narrow partisanship and not risk confirming a felon to the Supreme Court. To uphold their oath of office, Senators must delay confirmation until after the new Senate is sworn in.”

Hersh added, “After hearing both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh testify before the Judiciary Committee yesterday, our deepest fears have been confirmed, not allayed. Dr. Ford’s testimony is corroborated and substantiated by contemporaneous and subsequent statements made to a counselor and several others. None of her testimony was refuted, despite contrary claims by Republican partisans.”

Hersh added, “Committee Republicans are actively covering up alleged violent crime or crimes by blocking a full FBI investigation, and ignoring evidence such as Dr. Ford’s classmate Cristina King Miranda’s confirmation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Ford: ‘This incident did happen…. Many of us heard about it in school and Christine’s recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.'” (See: ‘Kavanaugh Accuser’s Schoolmate Says Assault Was Chatter at School Afterward.’ Roll Call, September 19, 2018.)

Hersh said, “In addition to making several evasive or false statements under oath yesterday, Judge Kavanaugh has made apparently perjurious statements during testimony before the Committee in previous hearings. His volatile behavior yesterday raises grave concerns about his fitness for the United States Supreme Court. Specifically, he shouted conspiracy theories and partisan revenge fantasies, and vowed retribution against perceived political enemies. This exposed his inability to impartially rule on critically important cases and controversies facing the USA.”

Hersh noted, “Judge Kavanaugh shouted at and made rude remarks to Democratic Senators, most alarmingly disrespecting female Senators. He bullied Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) so abusively that he felt obliged to apologize later. When she asked, ‘Have you ever blacked out [from drinking]?’ Judge Kavanaugh refused to answer and instead snapped at her, ‘Have you?’ This revealed Judge Kavanaugh’s rage, arrogance, and mean-spiritedness.

Hersh stated, “PDA calls upon Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to enforce his own ‘McConnell Rule’ that requires a delay in the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice within a year before an election. Should Sen. McConnell refuse to do so, all Senators must act to prevent the confirmation of an alleged felon to the Supreme Court. They must vote against confirmation, refuse to vote for cloture, filibuster, walk out to prevent a quorum, and undertake all other means to prevent a final vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh—at least until after the midterm elections—to depoliticize this process as much as possible.”

Hersh concluded, “Republicans, independents, and Democrats are shocked and dismayed by Judge Kavanaugh’s behavior. Unfortunately, one partisan faction is covering up evidence regarding allegations of multiple sexual assaults, financial impropriety, perjury, and other charges. The Senate must not confirm a scandal-tainted, emotionally unstable, mean-spirited, partisan extremist to the Supreme Court. We cannot expect justice from a Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”