Progressive Democrats Support the Policies People Want—Let’s Lift Them to Victory in 2022

Nov 28, 2021 | PDA News

​In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


PDA’s Goal Has Always Been to Transform the Democratic Party
into a Party Of, By, and For the People.
We’re Closer Than Ever. Onward!


If you look back to the state of the Democratic Party when PDA was founded in 2004, progressives were on the margins of a staunchly neoliberal Party.

Thanks to a decade of organizing, all of that changed when PDA drafted Bernie Sanders to run for President in 2016. Following Bernie’s spectacular first campaign, progressive policies were back in play in the Party—and were lifted further by the victories of the Squad in 2018 and more left progressives in 2020.

There’s a trend here, and its lesson is clear. Running true progressive candidates will appeal to the Democratic base—and, in turn, progressive policies will move from the margins to the heart of the Party. 

Over the next few months, PDA will endorse a new group of brilliant progressive candidates for federal office from around the entire country, and another round of “moderates” vs progressives will unfold in primaries across the country.

Six years after Bernie’s first Presidential campaign, every Democrat in the country knows the difference between progressive policies and the stale positions of neoliberal centrists. As such, we see 2022 as a year like no other for PDA. We will lift the voices of progressive candidates from sea to shining sea.  

PDA’s long-term goal is within our grasp. Join us in transforming the Democratic Party into the one the people want and the planet needs. Become a PDA sustainer today.


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  1. Greg

    At some point do we give up on the duopoly and build our own power in a new party dedicated to M4All. GND, Economic and Social Justice, and no money in politics?