Progressive Democrats of America Endorses Ihssane Leckey for Congress

Aug 25, 2020

For Immediate Release: August 25, 2020
Contact:  Alan Minsky, Executive Director, PDA

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is proud to endorse Ihssane Leckey for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts’ 4th District.

In order to receive PDA’s endorsement, a candidate must either receive 60% support from a local PDA chapter or 60% in a poll of PDA supporters in the district – a high threshold in a race with so many candidates on the ballot..

However, as PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky noted “we were not surprised that Ihssane Leckey crossed that threshold (and then some!), as she is a tremendous candidate running an exceptional campaign with policies that perfectly fit this historical moment.”

Minsky continued, “The people of Massachusetts’ fourth have the opportunity to send a candidate to Congress who will instantly become one of the most impressive, accomplished, and progressive lawmakers in the country – as Ms. Leckey has a deep understanding of American social, political, and economic institutions.”

“Also, Ihssane Leckey is a true progressive. America is in the throes of one of the deepest crises in its history. The way forward will be forged by politicians fully committed to the welfare of the average American, not by politicians supporting half measures that only serve the status quo and leave the rest of us struggling to survive.

Ihssane Leckey points the way forward to a renewed America that addresses everyone’s need for healthcare, economic security, a balanced justice system, a firm commitment to all people’s human rights, and for responsible stewardship of the planet.”

Minsky concluded, “We are very proud to announce our endorsement of Ihssane Leckey, and hope all Democrats in Massachusetts’ great fourth district vote for her in this week’s primary.”


  1. Dolores Williams

    Progressive Democrats are like Bernie Sanders (Medicare for All, Green New Deal, $15 minimum wage (rising in steps), unions to represent workers, etc.
    Regular Democrats are like Joe Biden, ACA, and gradually working but still supporting Wall Street.
    PDA is supporting candidates like AOC and Ed Markey in congress who are working on progressive bills. Slowly if we continue to support progressive candidates, the American people will benefit in the long run,

  2. John Persico

    I am interested in joining Progressive Democrats. However, I have a few questions:

    1. How are Progressive Democrats different from Regular Democrats?
    2. Is there some place you have laid out the policies you stand for?