Press Release: Progressive Democrats of America Calls on Bernie Sanders to Stay in the Race

Apr 7, 2020

Alan Minsky, Executive Director, Progressive Democrats of America – 818-749-9497
Mike Hersh, Communications Director, Progressive Democrats of America

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the World in a Matter of Weeks; and
America Needs a Progressive Leader like FDR in the 1930s


In a statement released today on their website, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) calls upon Senator Bernie Sanders to continue his presidential campaign until the end of the 2020 primary season.

Titled “Stay in the Race Bernie Sanders. America Needs You Now More than Ever” the article begins:

We understand that many Democrats are calling for Bernie to drop out. They say that Joe Biden is so far ahead that the time has come for party unity, for focusing on Donald Trump. While we agree about the necessity of defeating Donald Trump, we arrive at an opposite conclusion: The Democratic Party, and all Americans, will benefit from Bernie continuing his campaign in this historic moment.

The severity of the COVID-19 national emergency has changed everything in this election year. Coronavirus has revealed, with tragic consequences, the failings of our public health institutions and economic safety net – in ways that Bernie Sanders has been warning against for decades. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Bernie’s platform directly addresses these failings; in marked contrast to his rival’s. As many observers have noted, with each passing day the COVID-19 pandemic is proving the wisdom of the Sanders agenda.”

In the statement, PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky calls for the Democratic Party to endorse Medicare for All in light of the failings of the U.S. health care system during the crisis. He also outlines how Sanders can still win the nomination once primary voters understand that his program is perfectly suited to this crisis-moment, just like FDR’s New Deal was for the Great Depression.

Read the whole statement here

Progressive Democrats of America was the first national organization to call upon Bernie Sanders to run for President as a Democrat. PDA launched the “Run Bernie Run” campaign to draft the Senator to run in 2014.



  1. Cierra Loften

    This country is not going to get any better without a progressive and strong candidate to lead us. Bernie is the people’s President. His entire career, he has been fighting for our benefit. No other leader will do. I’m signing this in hopes that Bernie will remain in the race and lead this country strongly forward. So many of us need and love you Bernie.

  2. Regina E. Loften

    Please stay in: so many of us need you for so many different reasons. Depression was already an issue in my house but the thought of you not winning this election can and will only make things worst for us all . Love you Bernie

  3. Elijah Shelton

    Bernie! We need you stay in the Race! Joe Biden is not your friend! Wake up! He will lose to Trump for good 4 years! WE NEED YOU MORE THAN NOW!

  4. Simone Fosci

    I hope this is a wake up call for many Americans that we need the changes Bernie has been advocating for during his entire career.

  5. James Ziola

    Go on Bernie! We don’t want “Status Quo Joe”!

  6. Suni Lond

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  7. Kate O'Neal

    Don’t you have a petition we can sign to urge Bernie to continue? Perhaps our voice isn’t getting through like that of the dropouts. They’re certainly getting loud!

  8. Jann

    He damn well better stay in it to the end. He owes that to his supporters!

  9. diane O'Callaghan (Waxman)

    I agree, Bernie should stay in the Race. I don’t believe I could vote for Joe. How can an alternative be realized? Every trick in the book should be used….3rd Party?? I voted for Jill last time, and I don’t apologize)

  10. Rossana Foote

    Please stay in race to allow true choice for caring and wise leadership !!

  11. Nancy Chartier

    Stay in the race Bernie period! Biden is a loser!

  12. Karen baker-Jarvis

    Healthcare the most important issue in 100 years. I want a progressive candidate, not one accused of assault, pro-war record, anti- black record and in cognitive decline. Keep fighting with all your heart and soul. It is a matter of life and death!

  13. Víctor Hugo Ramírez Rodríguez

    Hoy más que nunca todos nesecitamos a un líder libre de compromisos con todos los ricos, de la industria farmacéutica, de los que donan millones de dólares , para obtener beneficios personales.

    El único que puede ser y llegar es el Senador Bernie Sanders.

  14. Randy

    Thank you PDA tell Bernie that.

  15. Robbie

    Bernie is the only real choice we have. Biden is no leader. He had proven that in the last few weeks. In the same time, Bernie Sanders has proven himself to be the leader we need.

  16. flora g meyer

    Bernie need to stay in the race!!!

  17. Mike Doyle

    Bernie. We need you now more than ever.