Press Release: Organizations That Back Bernie Announce Support for Warren for VP In Open Letter To Biden

Jun 30, 2020

Alan Minsky: 

Jeff Cohen: 


Today, two prominent national progressive organizations released an open letter to Vice President Joe Biden (BELOW), calling on him to choose Senator Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. and Progressive Democrats of America – which together represent more than a million online and on-the-ground activists – named Warren as the vice-presidential candidate best positioned to unite the Democratic Party and defeat Donald Trump in November. 

Both organizations strongly supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. PDA polled its members online last week, offering 12 possible running-mate choices: Warren had majority support, 33 points higher than the second-place finisher. (Another pro-Sanders organization, Our Revolution, announced last month that a poll of its membership found strong majority support for Warren as Biden’s Vice President.)

“For voters and activists who supported Bernie Sanders in the primary, it’s vital that Biden choose a running mate with a longstanding progressive track record of fighting for the working families of this country,” said Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America. “Elizabeth Warren fits that bill, and she’s popular with Democratic voters in the progressive and centrist wings of the party.”

“A country in crisis needs a woman with a plan,” said Jeff Cohen, co-founder of RootsAction. “Elizabeth Warren has put out comprehensive plans to address the coronavirus pandemic, and the perilous economic situation of poor and working-class Americans. If Joe Biden wants a vice president who will help him tackle some of the greatest challenges our country has ever faced – and be ready to govern on day one – Senator Warren is his best choice.”

Along with her decades of experience in federal policymaking, the open letter points to Warren’s support for a Green New Deal and far-reaching structural reforms as positions that would excite the progressive base of the party – a segment of voters that Biden has struggled to win over.





Dear Vice President Biden,

As the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, your choice of a vice-presidential candidate will be critically important in the run-up to the general election. If you want to unify the party and take back the White House, then you should choose the running mate best suited to those goals: Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren is deeply qualified to be our next vice president, bringing decades of experience and a track record of leadership on issues from the Green New Deal to fighting corporate greed and corruption – issues that excite the progressive voters you’ll need to win the White House. Few senators have fought harder and more consistently for the kinds of structural reforms that would lift up working-class families and communities. 

Senator Warren has also proposed some of the most comprehensive policy plans to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. She has the tenacity and expertise to help ordinary Americans steer through this crisis, and she’d be ready to govern on day one. For all of these reasons, we’re asking you to choose her as your vice president. Biden-Warren would represent a unity ticket, one capable of generating enthusiasm from across the Democratic Party and beyond – and defeating Donald Trump in November.

Progressive Democrats of America 



    Elizabeth Warren was my first choice for President over Biden. She is my first choice for Biden’s VP, although I am thinking that an African-American VP choice, for example, Stacy Abrams or Val Deming, might bring in more support. THE MOST IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION IS TO ELIMINATE THE SCOURGE OF TRUMP FROM OUR COUNTRY IN THE MOST DECISIVE MANNER.

    • Sam Bergman

      I think Stacy Abrams would bring in a much larger group of Black, brown, and other marginalized voters. While Warren has a lot of national level experience, it seems like she antagonized a good number of progressive and moderate voters during the primary. Abrams is a solid progressive and great speaker without the veneer of elitism that often gets attached to others. I don’t know much about Val Deming.

  2. Kay

    Can voters sign on to the warren vp letter?