“Peril remains.” —A Warning from Bob Woodward and Robert Acosta’s New Book

Sep 19, 2021 | PDA News

photo: PDA/coalition activists rally in St Petersburg, FL for the Voting Rights Act, Sept. 17, 2021

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“Peril remains.” The final sentence in Woodward and Acosta’s new book, Peril, warns that a second Trump presidency would present even greater dangers to American democracy than his first term. In a broader sense, the warning is about the spread of authoritarianism into the very fabric of American governance and politics:

  • Words like “traitor” and “treason” are hurled at those who uphold the Constitution;

  • Phrases such as “election fraud” and “fake news” are invoked without evidence (not to mention spurious “cures” for COVID-19), undermining confidence in government functions and democratic institutions;
  • Attempts to rewrite history—such as the insurrectionists on January 6 were “peaceful protesters” or “patriots” or “tourists” being “persecuted for their political beliefs”—compound the false sense that there are “very good people on both sides” (except that “the other side” is composed of traitors and losers and America-hating deep-state sycophants);
  • The constant churn of conspiracy theories feed violent fantasies and too often turn into excuses for violent action.

In many ways Trump’s administrative incompetence saved the country from a coup d’éta torchestrated by a sitting President. What happens if an equally authoritarian-minded but more competent would-be dictator is elected in 2024?

The warning signs and groundwork are being laid now with restrictive voting laws passed in dozens of states, mechanisms set in place to overturn unfavorable election results, draconian laws that turn neighbor against neighbor with “citizen enforcers,” and competitive congressional districts being stacked in favor of a state’s ruling party (in the majority of cases, Republicans). 

PDA resists these authoritarian tactics by strengthening our ground game, advocating for voting rights and a maximally robust infrastructure bill in the streets and on Capitol Hill, and recruiting and endorsing bold progressive candidates for federal office. We work 24/7 within the Democratic Party and with allied organizations to pressure elected officials to do the right thing for our country, our people, and our planet.

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