PDA’s Plan for a Fossil Free Manufacturing Renaissance

Jan 27, 2021

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

To Achieve a 100% Fossil Free Energy System

We Don’t Need Less Domestic Manufacturing—We Need More


PDA is proud to announce an expansion of its core agenda to include a call for a Manufacturing Renaissance—a path to a Green New Deal with Labor.

PDA is calling upon the progressive movement to recognize the critical importance of reviving the manufacturing sector as a cornerstone for the Green New Deal.

We envision a manufacturing revival fully in accord with our commitment to a “Keep it in the Ground” No Fossil Fuels policy. Indeed, a manufacturing revival is exactly what is needed to build our green energy capacity and cease our reliance on fossil fuels.

Of course, we also must provide a truly just transition for workers in the oil and gas industries; something that will be facilitated by this recommitment to domestic manufacturing.

Read about PDA’s new Green Manufacturing policy here.

PDA is building alliances with other progressive forces in the environmental justice and climate emergency movements, in the labor movement, and among manufacturing advocates—to rebuild the middle class, regrow union density, revive domestic manufacturing, re-distribute wealth equitably, and replenish the planet by eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

Please support PDA’s efforts to fight the climate crisis with solutions that help rebuild the US manufacturing sector. On Monday, President Biden signed a Buy American Executive Order. To achieve that end, let’s Manufacture American – and let’s start manufacturing what’s necessary to preserve the planet!