PDA Weekly Review and Preview for 7-29-23. Join us!

Jul 29, 2023 | PDA News

Much Done, and Much More to Do:
Here’s How We Can All Help Bring Home Wins


Yet another busy week in PDALand.

This past week we held our largest Disabilities Issue Organizing Team call ever as we commemorated the anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act. We also held our monthly Labor and Economics Issue Organizing Team call, and stood with labor in support of striking workers.

We’ve been working in coalition with healthcare organizations to organize around Medicare’s 58th Birthday on Sunday, and our weekly town hall will include recognition of that birth.

In the upcoming week we’ll combat the Climate Emergency, work for peace, and fight for social and racial justice, as well as justice for Trumpist insurrectionists.

We’ll continue the struggle, 7 days a week, and we hope you’ll join us as well.

Just an hour here or there can make a real difference when it’s focused on a productive project.

Please pick one or more of these actions/projects, and let’s make some noise together!

1) Progressive Virtual Town Hall Sunday: Medicare Birthday Party and Keith Ellison with his new book. Featured Guest Keith Ellison—progressive powerhouse, current Attorney General of Minnesota, and former Medicare for All-supporting Congressman—will discuss his new book on combating police violence. We’ll also re-commit ourselves to getting Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. You’ll leave energized and organized. RSVP here.

2) Join the National Phone Team. Sign up with this juggernaut and make a real difference an hour here, an hour there, on your schedule. Sign up here, let us know what day you can set an hour aside, and we’ll get you cookin’ calling fellow PDA folks. We’ll make sure you’re doing something easy but productive!
3) Become a local Congressional Office Liaison. Work with others in your area to promote progressive legislation. Sign up here and we’ll get you all the training you need to be successful.
4) For “Clicktivists”—Sign/Share:
5) Can’t volunteer? Please contribute what you are able to afford, and make it monthly if you can. Our sustaining donor drive is off to a slow but steady start: we need 100 new sustainers by July 31 to ensure our continued success this fall and into 2024. Any amount given monthly helps!

Thanks so much for anything you can do today for all our tomorrows. Let’s get to work!

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team