PDA Weekly Review and Preview for 2-5-22

Feb 5, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


Another Busy Week Behind Us, and Before Us. You in?


Over the past week we’ve been celebrating Black History Month, working for healthcare for all, and promoting peace, environmental justice, and more.

We’re glad to see a solid jobs report, continue to stand with workers across the country who are striking or struggling to form a union at their shop, and will do more to help the workers of this country by supporting current and future Squad Members in their upcoming elections. (Note: The Texas primary is March 1 and we’re working hard for Jessica Cisneros in TX-28 and Greg Casar in TX-35.)

Lots to get done, and we need a full team effort to make it all happen. Please join us in any way(s) you can via the actions below.

Together, we’ll make a real difference!


Thanks so much for anything you can do to ramp up our victories in early 2022. Hope to see you soon!