PDA Weekly Review and Preview for 1-29-22

Jan 29, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


Another Busy Week Behind Us, and Before Us. You in?


In addition to our national Congressional Liaison Team meeting, our Texas March Primary Organizing Meeting, and our emergency No War With Russia Meeting and Action this past week, we’re organizing for the Supreme Court nomination, showing solidarity with the January 6th Commission’s work for justice against would-be coup attempts, and have just announced our newest addition to our national endorsements: Nina Turner running for Congress in Ohio.

So, another busy week in PDALand, with an even more active one on the horizon.

Please join us in any way(s) you can via the actions below.

Together, we’ll make a real difference!


Thanks so much for anything you can do to ramp up our victories in early 2022. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Cb Buckley

    Will hopefully be with you live in person to deliver this observation, but just in case I don’t make it, this is critical to know….

    Given that we tend to collect signatures outdoors to get candidates on the ballot, the cold temps, snow, and ice this year has already reduced our ability to collect signatures. Now the Eastern coast will be experiencing an especially big interruption. Not only is it harder to motivate canvassers to get out, but the public is less willing to interrupt their activity and to sign in the cold temps.

    This favors incumbents who already have a network of paid and volunteer people. Given that progressives are more often the challengers, this has potential to seriously affect Prog’s ability to get on the ballot this year.

    I have a couple of ideas as to how to help, but I am posting so that we are all aware, and maybe reach out to see ihow the campaigns are coping with it?