PDA Weekly Review and Preview for 1-07-23. Join us!

Jan 7, 2023 | PDA Blog

Peace, health, and prosperity to you and yours,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


Much Done, and Much More to Do:
Here’s How We Can All Help Bring Home Wins


This past week we kicked off the new year by helping to organize January 6th commemorative events across the country, calling for all insurrectionists to face justice, and for all patriots to stand strong for voting rights that are under attack.

While the Republicans embodied dysfunction in the House, we have been working to bring home the win in Jennifer McClellan’s special February election in VA-04, and working to get George Santos removed from Congress once he’s seated.

Please consider picking one or more of these actions/projects, and let’s make some noise together. We need you in the game today!

1) Progressive Virtual Town Hall Sunday: The 21st-Century Economic Bill of Rights, and More.  Join Professor Harvey J. Kaye as we discuss why we need to make the Economic Bill of Rights a reality, and how we make it a reality. We’ll also debrief the Jan 6th events across the country, and the mess that has been the vote for Speaker of the House. You’ll leave energized and organized. RSVP here.

2) Join the National Phone Team. Sign up with this juggernaut and make a real difference an hour here, an hour there, on your schedule. Sign up here, let us know what day you can set an hour aside, and we’ll get you cookin’ calling fellow PDA folks. We’ll make sure you’re doing something easy but productive!

3) Become a local Congressional Office Liaison. Work with others in your area to promote progressive legislation. Sign up here and we’ll get you all the training you need to be successful.

4) For “Clicktivists”:


Thanks so much for anything you can do.


  1. Karen Doulin

    Is there a way I can get information about the zoom meetings because I can’t do the time it’s set for.

  2. Jesse Bagwell

    Reserved attendance and received invitation email, but could not log on. Kept getting an error message. Hope you had a good meeting.

  3. Karla sand

    My question for clarification: a popular talking point is gop chaos. I wonder if we have a group think in the Dems in Washington. Did the pda fall in line with Dems or have Dems given the progressives a nibble. Group think is not a good thing. Progressives need some wins. No more war. Allocate funds to public housing. Increase social security. Pass single payer health care.