PDA: We Defend Democracy and Practice it – to Build a Progressive America!

Nov 6, 2022 | PDA News

Alan Minsky


On Tuesday and beyond, PDA will fight to defend and expand American democracy. We invite everyone to join us as we build a just society, a healthy planet, and a fair economy.


In their song “Know Your Rights” the radical band the Clash famously declared “You have the right to free speech as long as your not dumb enough to actually try it.”

Sadly, one could imagine a new incarnation of the great punk rock band singing something similar about democracy in the 21st Century.

Of course, the fact that the Clash recorded and released “Know Your Rights” showed they themselves didn’t heed the warning of their lyric.  They were going to practice free speech and no one was going to stop them, reaching tens of millions of people across the word with their songs.

PDA understands the very real threat against democracy in our time – and we’re going to respond just like the Clash.  Nothing is going to stop us mobilizing people to defend democracy and the use it for positive social change.

Right now, the task at hand is simple: we must all get out and vote for Democratic candidates on Tuesday, as only one of the two major political parties supports democracy.

Then going forward we at PDA are going to encourage our fellow citizens to join us like never before – in order to build a participatory democratic culture across the country that will overwhelm the reactionary right’s offensive against the people and the planet.

Please join us; and, if possible, support us by becoming a monthly PDA donor.

Together we will win!