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Dec 31, 2021 | PDA News

Thanks, and onward!
Dr. Bill Honigman for the PDA National Team


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With the now worldwide surge of #COVID19 infections due to the #Omicron variant, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) remains vigilant in pursuit of solutions to our state of national sorrow and disgrace over the U.S. being the ongoing international leader in pandemic deaths.

Moreover, we at PDA are resolute in our understanding that these tragic outcomes will be much mitigated once a critical mass of elected leaders are calling for a #SinglePayer expanded and improved #MedicareForAll system to provide, not just universal COVID care but comprehensive non-COVID care, as well. A system that lowers medical risk in the population at large, prioritizes public health needs based on community input not commercial interests, and recovers precious resources currently squandered for the sake of corporate stakeholders can and must instead be applied to those very human needs.

Specifically, as we turn now to the mid-term elections of 2022, we vow to showcase and lend our support to those candidates, running at all levels of government, who get it, and are ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those already in public office, who have demonstrated their resolve toward these ends. We want them to know that if they can appreciate and articulate the fact that this is how we will save money and save lives, then we have their backs.

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This Sunday Jan 2nd, our guest speakers will be Medicare for All candidates for U.S. House of Reps David Palmer IL-13 and for CA Assembly Jennifer Esteen, RN, AD-20, along with a brief COVID-19/Omicron Update from Drs. Henry Broeska, Ph.D. and David Cohen, Ph.D.

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  1. Bill Edley

    Currently, M4A is not on the national agenda in D.C. So…It’s important to identify key 2022 congressional primary races and support M4A candidates. David Palmer is running in an open Illinois Congressional District (IL-13th) that is rated at least D+7, perhaps, as much as D+11. Mr. Palmer has agreed to co-sponsor M4A- H.R.1976. David has lived in the new 13th CD for over a decade. His opponent is a former HRC staffer from the 2016 election and worked for Biden. She doesn’t support M4A. This is a MUST WIN race for M4A activists!!!