PDA Statement on UN Resolution

Mar 27, 2024 | PDA Blog

Progressive Democrats Of America (PDA) applauds the United Nations Security Council’s action approving a resolution, calling for an immediate cease-fire  in Gaza. We note that the Biden administration finally chose to abstain rather than veto this measure. This is significant, because Security Council resolutions are binding, with consequences for violators.

Of course nothing less than an immediate, durable, permanent ceasefire, complete withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Gaza, and full respect for the basic human rights of the Palestinian people will suffice. Still, we consider the resolution passage on March 25th a hopeful and tangible step in the right direction, offering a major victory for the long-suffering Palestinian people.

After witnessing the mass slaughter of at least 32,000 Palestinians and the ongoing destruction of Gaza, we feel some relief at finally seeing signs of progress. This, due to the millions of protestors world wide and inside the U.S. as well as the hard work and concerted organizing of Palestinian rights, peace, and other organizations with whom PDA has worked shoulder to shoulder. Several of our chapters have been on the front lines demanding a ceasefire.

PDA called for a ceasefire soon after the slaughter commenced months ago. We’ve organized support for Representative Rashida Tlaib’s sense of the House resolution demanding a ceasefire since its introduction. We applaud her leadership as well as the strong and unprecedented courage  shown by several progressive members of Congress.

Just last week, PDA joined with several of our allies to launch the “Reject AIPAC” campaign, directly confronting that shadowy dark money political action committee. We’ve worked tirelessly to resist AIPAC’s attacks against the candidacies of Rep. Tlaib and other members of the Squad in Democratic Party primaries.

Also regarding the primaries, PDA’s sister organization Progressives for Democracy in America is helping to focus and express frustration and dismay over the heartbreaking lack of leadership from President Biden. This, by calling on Democrats to vote for “ceasefire” or “undecided” etc. in the primaries. We’re expanding that effort as the presidential primary season continues.

We have been at the forefront of the strong, large, and growing movement inside the Democratic Party demanding an immediate ceasefire and respect for the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. We are not new to this struggle. PDA’s founder Tim Carpenter led us to take a controversial stand when he allied us with Code Pink and others to support aid to Gaza decades ago. 

Thanks to Alan Minsky and our staff, as well as Jim Carpenter and our End Wars and Occupations team, we’ve upheld Tim’s and PDA’s other founders’ commitment to peace. Clearly, the widening protests and ongoing protest votes have had an impact on the White House and the Democratic Party. The U.S. decision to abstain in the Security Council and Majority Leader Schumer’s refusal to welcome Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress are just the beginning. 

Our concerted pressure and expressions of moral outrage have been important and effective. We’ve already made a difference for the better, and we will continue doing so, working alongside outspoken advocates for peace and justice.