PDA Statement on Biden’s proposed $753 Billion Military Budget for 2022

Apr 9, 2021 | Press Release

By Alan Minsky, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America’s Marcy Winograd responded to the Biden Administration’s proposed military budget for 2022:

“To increase Trump’s bloated military budget by almost 2% suggests the Biden Administration is not serious about ending US wars, drone killings and nuclear proliferation. Stakeholders everywhere should be outraged at Biden’s proposed near trillion dollar Pentagon budget, particularly since the Pentagon itself constitutes one of the gravest threats to our global survival. The Pentagon is the largest consumer of oil and largest emitter of greenhouse gases warming our planet. To release this increased military budget weeks before Earth Day signals a lack of urgency in addressing the climate crisis.”

Alan Minsky, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, added:
“The U S defense budget, by definition, should be money allocated to defend the lives of the American people. Clearly the system is not working. This past year we spent $740 billion which failed utterly to save the lives of over half-a-million Americans. It should be obvious that the solution is not to raise that astronomical number further, but rather to allocate a substantial portion of that money to address matters that truly threaten the lives of Americans – such as pandemics, the climate emergency, poverty, homelessness, and other social calamities.”

Also, check out the statement on Biden’s proposed 2022 military budget by PDA’s partners at Code Pink.

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  1. Andre

    We should focus on the shortcomings we have. We need to address climate, poverty and pandemics.