PDA Recommendation: Vote in Today’s NH Democratic Presidential Primary

Jan 23, 2024 | PDA News

PDA encourages all Democrats to Vote in Today’s Democratic Presidential Primary, as a powerful message will be delivered by the People of New Hampshire to both major parties

PDA has not officially endorsed in the Democratic Presidential primary, but we recognize that New Hampshire voters have some compelling options in today’s Democratic primary – and, of course, we encourage everyone to vote.

Marianne Williamson and the Vote Ceasefire write-in campaign

If you are someone who wants to express discontent with the incumbant Democratic President by voting for an opposing candidate, only two of the twenty names on the Democratic ballot are running nationwide campaigns: Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips.  Of these two, the clear progressive choice is Williamson, as Phillips is one of the most conservative Democratic members of the House.  Williamson, in contrast, was a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016 and again in 2020 after she suspended her first presiential bid.  Make no mistake, a vote for Williamson is a vote for the progressive agenda, a vote for Phillips will be understood as a vote for political ‘centrism.’  Marianne Williamson’s platform aligns with PDA, Dean Phillips’ does not.

Now, if you do not feel so strongly about opposing an incumbant Democratic President that you are going to vote for an opposong candidate, there are two write-in options of note (there are organizied campaigns for both of these options).  One is to write-in Joe Biden, the other is to register support for a Ceasefire in Israel/Gaza by writing-in the word Ceasefire.  While some may see a vote for Ceasefire as a strong repudiation of the President, it also can be understood as making a strong suggestion to President Biden to change on this one issue.  PDA, of course, fully supports an immediate ceasefire in Israel/Gaza and wants the U.S. Government to adopt that position as soon as possible.  

If you’re planning to write in CEASEFIRE on Tuesday, January 23 in New Hampshire, the organizers of that campaign are hoping that you can self report here:

Btw, it’s worth noting that Matrianne Williamson supports a full and immediate Ceasefire.

There you have it.  Onto the polls.  Thank you New Hampshire.

Progressive Democrats of America