PDA Progressive Town Hall Sunday 4pm ET / 1pm PT: CA Single-Payer Victories + Panel Discussion on Defending Democracy and Voting Rights

Jan 21, 2022 | PDA News

Hope to see you!

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Great News from Sacramento. Foreboding Days in DC. A Special PDA Town Hall on Winning Single-Payer in CA and Defending Democracy in the USA


California Assembly Bill 1400, which sets in motion a single-payer universal health care system in California, has passed through both of its committees (with flying colors!) and is headed for a floor vote before the end of the month. Simply put, this could be the game changer for single-payer advocates. We’ll hear an update from Dr. Bill and others on the front line to win a sane, fair, and excellent healthcare system in the largest state in the union.

Then we’ll host a panel discussion, in the wake of the failure to pass essential voting rights legislation in the US Congress, on how to best Defend Democracy and Voting Rights. It’s a star studded panel including Mimi Kennedy, Alan Minsky, Andrea Miller, Ray McClendon, Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Kenny Bruno, Sara Nelson, James Fukuda, Christian Nunes, Danny Goldberg, Jan Goodman, Robert Wilson, Lori Pesante, Danny Sheehan, Rev. Rodney Sadler, John Brakey, Tatanka Bricca, Joel Segal, Harvey Wasserman and more!

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