PDA Never Stops Working for the Progressive Agenda

Nov 15, 2020

In solidarity for the long haul,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

 Help Sustain PDA’s Work To Transform America Through Progressive Change


We, at PDA, wholeheartedly believe that the progressive agenda is what’s best for American society. Thus, no matter the time of year – in the heart of an election campaign, or the beginning of a transition phrase ,or the middle of a legislative session – we work just as hard to advance that agenda.

Why is that? Because we truly believe that all of American society will benefit from a Green New Deal, and the implementation of medicare-for-all, and economic policies that decrease inequality and eliminate the racial wealth gap, and immigration policy that provides a just and efficient pathway to citizenship, and a sane foreign policy that prioritizes human rights and cooperation. 

Therefore we never stop advocating and organizing for these ends.

Now that Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump, and we’re focused on the Senate races in Georgia and on Biden’s Cabinet appointments – there is just as much work to do to advance the progressive agenda as there was two weeks ago, or two months ago – and there will be just as much to do in two months.


Why? Because thanks to the tremendous work of PDA and our allies across American society, we’ve lifted the progressive agenda into prominence. Now it is central to the national political dialogue; but it’s going to take everything we have, every day of every month all year long, in order to achieve its implementation. We understand this, and we accept this challenge. 

We’re PDA. We’ll never stop working until the progressive agenda is achieved.

The best way to help PDA’s work is to become a PDA monthly sustainer.

While we have a few leaders supporting us at $100 per month or more, the vast majority of Change Makes Change partners give $20, $10, or $5 per month.  Please do all that you can, to support our electoral and legislative work.

Thank you so much for anything you can do.