PDA National Action Alert: Tell your member of Congress to oppose H.R . 4447

Sep 24, 2020

In solidarity, Alan Minsky, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Call or e-mail your member of Congress and tell them to vote No on H.R. 4447


This 700-page bill does include some positive environmental justice measures, and worthwhile investment in green technologies, but it also allocates more money for Fossil Fuel-driven and Nuclear Powered electricity than by renewable energy. That is not a bill that should be passed in 2020.

We are asking you to join with our longtime climate allies at Food and Water Watch, Friends of the Earth, the Sunrise Movement,, and Public Citizen in contacting your member of Congress and asking that they vote no on H.R. 4447 – which could be voted on as early as today.

Let your representative know that you support environmental justice measures, and investment in green technology. However, those positive steps should only be included in legislation that does not encourage the continued use of fossil fuels, which are the root source of the global climate emergency that is threatening the future of humanity and of all species on planet earth.

Call or write your member of Congress today and ask them to vote no on H.R. 4447.


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