PDA Moving Forward

Mar 14, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

So, are you resisting? We know you are because we are seeing the photos and the reports from all over the country. Whether your issue is confronting injustice being profoundly embedded in Republican actions or you are resisting the intensely authoritarian, nearly unfathomable actions of the Republican Trump-Pence regime, we salute you for your passion and your compassion. This is a difficult time, but the bright spot in all that is unfolding is the solidarity you are showing with other PDAers, allied organizations, and the thousands of new people who have attended our chapter meetings and events throughout the country. New chapters are launching every week, and we are seeing tremendous energy around challenging the damage being done by the Republicans as well as holding the Democrats to account when they fail to fight.

In case you missed it, this was the op-ed in USAToday from Donna Smith, PDA’s executive director. From the piece: “There can be no compromise with this regime, because compromise with injustice is impossible and indefensible. The Democrats must not compromise with this regime lest they be complicit in the demise of many human rights both domestically and abroad.”

PDA continues building power through supporting the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and our progressive champions who are fighting back in Congress. Until every CPC member supports Medicare for all, we have work to do. Until every CPC member supports an end to massive military build up and war in all of its forms, we have work to do. We have so many issues and so many assaults on common sense right now, that it would be easy to allow resistance to be our only activity. But that just is not enough — we must demand more from those in positions of power — including those we helped elect. Healthcare NOT Warfare is still our demand.

By the way, our new Denver chapter is going to participate in the Ides of Trump effort on March 15th, 2017, when millions of people plan to mail postcards and letters to the White House to let them know how strong our resistance is to the damage they are doing to the planet and to this nation. Our friends at published an article today about this action. Click here for more info.

We need your help right now. PDA has stretched its resources to do more and more because that is what is required right now. We are asking for your help. Mike Fox and Donna Smith are developing a new fundraising plan, and we will be asking some of those whom PDA has helped greatly along the way with our hard work to show us some appreciation and solidarity in return. We know your dollars are precious. We need your support so that we can keep doing work on many fronts: We need signs, stickers, bumper stickers and lapel stickers; we need to be able to get to meetings and policy sessions that require travel; we need to secure our online presence and enhance our tools. You get the picture. Our goal for this week is to raise at least $5,000. Please give as generously as you are able to — and we deeply appreciate that support. We are in this together.


  1. nadine zacharie

    Mark Cuban is on the same page as Bernie and most Americans–Health Care is a right–not something that is available!! People should not have to chose between medicine or food and shelter–THIS IS AMERICA!!

  2. gary witherspoon


    The vote of no confidence in this entire 115th Republican Congress is in. NO CONFIDENCE. This Congress is fascist/totalitarian and US society has no business allowing this House and Senate to legislate anything. Organize a military and law enforcement coup d’état and remove the 115th Congress before they wage another war, another economic give-away of American working capital and before they legislate extortion in private health insurance. Millions died fighting fascism last century. Death to Fascism.