PDA Leadership Conference Sat. April 17 & Sun. April 18. You In?

Apr 12, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

RSVP for PDA’s 2021 Leadership Conference April 17 and 18

Response has been tremendous so far, and RSVP’s suggest this will be our most highly-attended zoom event ever!

Whether you’re currently a PDA leader, or if you just want to make your activism more productive, join policy and organizing experts from across the US as we lay out policy points and organizing techniques to make the world a more progressive place for all.

If you don’t have your secure code yet, click here to generate your FREE login for the sessions. Share with your activist friends! (Note: this includes Dr. Bill Honigman’s weekly Healthcare Emergency Town Hall. So if you’ve been participating in those, use the new code for Sunday, April 18.)

Rock star speakers include John Nichols of the Nation, Norman Solomon from Roots Action, Actress and Activist Mimi Kennedy, and many, many more!

Saturday, April 17
(All times Eastern)
4:00-4:45—Immigration/Asylum Policies
4.45-5:30—The Climate Emergency
6-7:30—Steve Cobble Memorial: Brilliance Wrapped in Kindness and Humor

Sunday, April 18
(All Times Eastern)
2-2:45–Truth, Transformation, and the Quest for Racial Justice
2:45-3:30– Economic Justice Through a Manufacturing Renaissance
4-5:30–Healthcare Emergency Town Hall
6-6:45—Inside/Outside Strategy to Transform the Democratic Party
6:45-7:20–Civil Rights Through Election Integrity

These events are free, so please sponsor the conference if you can, either as a local group or individually.

Looking forward to seeing/hearing you!


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  1. Aaron Webster

    I thank and appreciate Progressive Democrats!