PDA in Solidarity with Dreamer Bullied Online

Mar 30, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

PDA National organization and staff would like to extend our unequivocal support to Arizona State University student, Dreamer, immigrant rights activist and PDA member Belen Sisa. Her stand is nothing less than Bold and Brave! Belen is our beautiful dreamer — her spirit, her strength and her fierce effort on behalf of a more just nation make us all that much more determined to stand with her. An injury to Belen is an injury to us all.

Millions of people here and around the world have now seen her Facebook post that went viral as she now becomes the next “Myth Buster”… pointing out the stark contradiction that young Dreamers and undocumented immigrants pay their taxes while billionaire President Donald Trump goes years without paying any taxes or disclosing his tax filings.

While the receiving overwhelmingly support from thousands for her determined stand, she did face a nasty and a disgusting show of hatred spewed in responses to her post. We take these written attacks on one of our members very seriously. We do not and will not condone this behavior and will do everything we can protect activists like Belen.

Click HERE to watch a great video from Fusion about Belen.

The actions by Belen will strengthen our resolve to fight back and organize and do away with a system that divides and poisons how some Americans think and, sadly, how some Americans feel emboldened to behave. We stand with the immigrant communities here in the U.S. and will continue to demand and fight for real immigration reform that leads to a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented residents living in our country.

Join Belen in taking action now — especially if you are a Dreamer, an immigrant, or if you know and love someone who is. CLICK HERE for Belen’s #TaxDayDreamer Campaign Belen also likes these hashtags, so dive in Dreamers and immigrants, let Belen know you stand with her.
#WePayTaxesToo #NotSoIllegalForTheIRS and #UndocuTaxes

We are all richer for having you in our lives, Belen. We stand in solidarity with you now.


Progressive Democrats of America