PDA endorses Squad member Summer Lee. Early primary. Pile on now!

Dec 20, 2023 | PDA News

AIPAC is in Big to defeat Summer, so we must be in BIGGER. Donate and/or Volunteer now, wherever you live!



Summer_Lee_Headshot_300.jpgWe were proud to nationally endorse Rep. Summer Lee in her inaugural successful 2022 run for Congress in PA-12, and are equally proud to do so this cycle.

Given her background as a community organizer and state house rep who burst onto the scene by doubling turnout in that race, she had one of the most impressive, dynamic, and aggressive grassroots operations in the country in 2022, that effectively fought off attacks from AIPAC and secured her seat as a freshman.

She’s shown no signs of slowing down on the organizing front, and has taken the kind of solid stands for peace, healthcare, good paying jobs, and social, economic, racial, and environmental justice while in office to earn her Squad cred.

Because of this, AIPAC has targeted her for an insane amount of negative ads.

It’s up to you and me and all of us to make up for that. So please donate all you can and/or volunteer now to make easy phone calls from home, or on the ground in-district . We’re working through the holidays and need your help!

Learn more about Summer’s campaign and how you can make a real difference on our national organizing call Thursday.

PDA Campaign Zoom
Thursday, December 21
9pm ET/ 8pm CT/ 7pm MT/6pm PT/ 5pm AK/ 4pm HI

Register here

The machine will email you your secure link.

Can’t make it Thursday? Donate and/or volunteer now!

If you don’t already know Summer, check out her appearance on our Town Hall last Sunday. Guaranteed she’ll put a spring in your step!

I hope we can count on support!

In solidarity with Summer,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team