PDA Endorses Kylie Taitano for Congress in CA-50

Apr 7, 2022 | PDA News, Press Release

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Kylie Taitano is a progressive champion with deep roots in the San Diego activist community and a great chance to defeat one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress



PDA is proud to endorse Kylie Taitano for Congress in California’s 50th District in Metro San Diego.

And we’re thrilled to announce this endorsement on Kylie’s 30th birthday! So there’s added reason to support Kylie’s exceptional grassroots campaign: Happy Birthday Kylie!

Kylie Taitano is an across-the-board progressive and a bold advocate for M4A, the Green New Deal, as well as economic and racial justice, and immigrant rights.

Kylie was born in Guam, and comes from a Filipina and Indigenous Chamorro heritage. She moved to San Diego with her family, attended and graduated from UCSD and began working as a computer programmer. As a woman in a field dominated by men, Kylie saw that women in the industry needed support and took initiative. Kylie co-founded a successful non-profit organization Code with Her with a mission “to close the gender gap in tech.”

A brilliant organizer with a strong social consciousness, Kylie became one of the most prominent Bernie Sanders supporters and organizers in Metro San Diego. The community of Bernie supporters in San Diego now provides Kylie’s campaign with a powerful activist base of support.

With this unique blend of local and national bases of support, Kylie is mounting a powerful insurgent campaign that is making the longtime incumbent, the right-wing Democrat Scott Peters, nervous. In the California open primary system, in which the top two candidates advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation, Kylie, as the only other Democrat on the ballot, has a great chance of making the runoff against Peters or one of the two Republicans running.

On Kylie’s birthday, let’s all chip in and help this great progressive champion defeat the pharmaceutical companies’ favorite Democrat!