PDA Endorses Jessica Cisneros for Congress in TX-28

Jan 13, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

The Re-Match in TX-28: Jessica Cisneros vs Henry Cuellar, Progressive Champion vs Reactionary Incumbent, is likely the most consequential primary of 2022. PDA calls upon all progressives across


PDA is proud to announce our first endorsed (non-incumbent) candidate for 2022: Jessica Cisneros in TX-28. Why choose Jessica #1? Three simple reasons: an exceptional candidate, an atrocious incumbent, and a primary date so early in the year that the result will be a bellwether for the entire progressive movement. There’s a lot on the line in TX-28.

Fortunately for us, the challenger is truly exemplary. Born to immigrant parents in Laredo, TX, Jessica Cisneros is of, by, and for the people of her district, that runs from Metro San Antonio south to the border.  Jessica wholeheartedly supports the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, a pathway to citizenship for immigrants and the entire progressive agenda, always foregrounding how each policy will have a positive impact on the communities in her district.

Jessica ran a brilliant campaign in 2020, almost pulling off one of the great upsets of our time, losing by fewer than 3,000 votes to Cuellar.  Even more impressive, she has stepped right back up to run again, build upon the strong foundation she built two years ago, and win an essential race for the people and the planet.

There are few primaries in recent American history with such a huge ideological divide between the leading candidates.  Rep. Henry Cuellar is as reactionary as any Democrat in Congress.  He was the sole Democrat to vote against the pro-labor PRO Act last year. He is anti-choice, and voted in support of Trump’s agenda more than any Democrat in the House. Things didn’t get better in 2021. Cuellar was one of the most outspoken Democratic critics of President Biden’s Build Back Better package, especially it’s pro-climate policies. Cuellar is one of the top recipients of donations from the fossil fuel industry, Democrat or Republican. Jessica Cisneros, in contrast, is a climate champion.

A victory by Jessica Cisneros over Henry Cuellar would be huge in any context. The fact that Texas has the first primary in the country makes the stakes even greater. A Cisneros win on March 1st will instantly change the narrative of the entire 2022 midterm election cycle. Progressives will be seen as ascendant in the Party, providing a spectacular boost to other progressive candidates across the country. The voting public will learn more about a viable option other than status quo Democrats and reactionary Republicans: Progressive Democrats like Jessica who truly want to serve the interests of the people and the planet.

Please support Jessica Cisneros for Congress in TX-28. She is running against one of the best-funded, right-wing Democratic incumbents, but has a tremendous chance to win. A victory by Jessica will be a  game changer with implications felt across the land, and one of the great progressive wins of our time.