PDA Endorses Ahmed Mostafa for Congress in CA-16

Feb 22, 2024 | PDA News

PDA proudly endorses Ahmed Mostafa to be the next Congressperson from Silicon Valley (CA-16)

Please donate to help elect Ahmed Mostafa, a great progressive who will work on behalf of all the people in one of the most influential regions in the world.


Ahmed Mostafa is a tech policy expert, a women’s rights attorney, an across-the-board PDA progressive, and he’ll be a very important and exceptional U.S. Representative from the day he enters Congress.

To date, not many members of Congress have a strong understanding of 21st century digital technology, even though it has transformed the entire country and the world, and all of our lives. Consequently, our political system has struggled to protect society from the impact of the dominant private tech companies. That will change with Ahmed Mostafa in Congress—a fact that makes his campaign one of the most important in Congress.

Ahmed was a “Global Policy Lead” at Google, addressing some of the most pressing public concerns about digital technology. He worked to combat misinformation and hate speech, as well as devise strategies to ensure that AI is implemented in a safe way. Ahmed has as strong an understanding about how to regulate Big Tech effectively as anyone ever on Capitol Hill, and he will be representing Silicon Valley.  

Indeed, everyone around the world will benefit from having Ahmed in Congress. A strong advocate for research, development, and innovation, Ahmed speaks the language of Silicon Valley and will be an ally, albeit a critical ally, of the tech industry, He will insist upon oversight to guarantee that the interests of the people and the planet are served—and the individual spirit of human beings can flourish, and is not damaged, by new technology.

How can we be sure of this? Though Ahmed Mostafa is still a young man, he already has an astonishing record advocating for the most vulnerable among us. As the director of the Stanford Survivors’ Pro Bono Clinic, “he fought to uplift the voices of survivors of sexual violence, fighting for the rights of those who had been silenced and sidelined,” earning the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year from Equal Rights Advocates, a national women’s rights organization.

Much like PDA, Ahmed Mostafa supports Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, a ceasefire in Gaza, housing as a human right, and the interests of the working class because he prioritizes human life and the planet that sustains us.

Please donate to help elect Ahmed Mostafa to Congress.

Also, sign up for this evening’s PDA’s 2024 campaign team organizing meeting where you’ll learn how you can directly help Ahmed and other progressives candidates win their primaries by volunteering with PDA.

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