PDA Endorses Aaron Regunberg for Congress in RI-1 Special Election

Jun 26, 2023 | PDA News

PDA Proudly Endorses Progressive Aaron Regunberg for Congress in Rhode Island’s 1st District to Replace David Cicilline, who is RetiringDonate Now to Support Aaron and PDA’s Efforts to Elect Aaron to Congress!



Aaron Regunberg is going to be a great progressive Member of Congress.

We know this from his record as a two-term Member in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, from his near-upset of the incumbent Lieutenant Governor (now Governor) Daniel McKee in 2018, his powerful climate advocacy and the phenomenal detailed platform he is running on in this election.

We also know this from the overwhelming support that Aaron received in PDA’s official endorsement poll. Aaron won over 75% support among PDA activists in Rhode Island CD-1, an almost unprecedented result in a race with over ten declared candidates. A PDA endorsement requires over 60% support—and in races with so many candidates we almost always require a run-off—but Aaron won handily on the first ballot.

What’s most important is that Aaron Regunberg is exactly the type of elected official we need in the third decade of the 21st century.

America is in the throes of a profound political crisis. The public is dissatisfied with the state of society, and views both mainstream Democrats and Republicans as protectors of the status quo.

Progressives, by contrast, are the one major political movement in the country with popular ideas. But we have to take on and defeat entrenched power—never an easy thing to do. Thus, we need progressive politicians with a strong understanding of the institutional relationships that define American society, who also can explain to the general public what they want to do (pass new laws and regulations) and why they are doing it (to reorganize society for the benefit of the people and the planet, and not just the wealthy few).

All evidence tells us that Aaron Regunberg is just such a politician. Few State Representatives can point to such a dynamic record as Aaron’s in only four years. He then conveyed his optimism about how progressive policies can transform Rhode Island to the voters, almost pulling off a stunning upset of an establishment incumbent in a statewide race.

Indeed, when Aaron enters Congress, he will instantly join the ranks of progressive thought-leaders in Congress—alongside not only the Squad and Senators Sanders and Warren, but also dynamic Representatives like Jayapal, Raskin, Porter, and Khanna—and he’ll be the 2nd youngest Member next to Maxwell Alejandro Frost!

The Democratic Primary is on September 5th. According to the Providence NPR affiliate, it is setting up to be a race between Aaron and the Democratic machine candidate, Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos, a political moderate.

To us at PDA, the choice is clear. For the people and the planet, help us elect Aaron Regunberg to Congress!

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team