PDA Calls for a Boycott of Kellogg’s Cereal Products in Solidarity with Striking Workers

Dec 15, 2021 | PDA News, Press Release

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


PDA Official Statement Calling for a Boycott of Kellogg’s Cereal Products


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s cereal products in solidarity with 1,400 striking workers at four Kellogg’s plants across the country. We are directing PDA’s hundreds of thousands of supporters and activists across the country to abstain from buying Kellogg’s cereal products until the strike ends with the consent of the workers and their union.

PDA asks our activists to reach out to family, friends, and community to enlist them in this boycott. PDA is committed to building awareness about the strike, the cause of the Kellogg’s workers, and the solidarity boycott. There are a number of organizations and public figures calling for this boycott. PDA will work to expand this movement by reaching out to the many organizations that we frequently partner with and ask them to join the Kellogg’s boycott. We look forward to working with supporting groups and individuals to coordinate our efforts raising public awareness to the level of the great solidarity boycotts in U.S. history like the Delano grape boycott. 

PDA invites everyone, across the country and the world, to join this boycott. Almost two years into a pandemic, this is a signature battle over what kind of future we will forge together. Kellogg’s employees were deemed essential workers during the pandemic. They responded heroically in our time of need, putting their lives on the line to ensure that food was available to hundreds of millions of people.

Now these brave workers are on the front line again, fighting for the rights of all workers to work with dignity, safety, and economic security. PDA especially supports the Kellogg’s workers’ fight against the two-tier wage system that discriminates against new hires and divides the workers. The two-tier wage was a key issue in the recent UAW strike at John Deere. The two-tier wage is an instrument of neoliberal policy pushed by major Wall Street owners of Kellogg’s, notably Bank of New York Mellon Trust.  

Join with PDA in boycotting Kellogg’s cereal products in solidarity with 1,400 striking Kellogg’s workers and all working people, and please let us know if you make the commitment.


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  1. John Pribula

    Right on!