One Earth Day A Year Isn’t Enough 🌎

Apr 22, 2020

photo: Activists Demand Declaration of a Climate Emergency (Takver • CC BY-SA 2.0)

In solidarity,

Russell Greene—PDA Senior Advisor, Strategy and Climate Policy—for your Progressive Democrats of America National Team.

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Earth Day—a rather absurd notion really. The idea that we humans are going to pause and acknowledge the Earth for one day out of every 365! How generous we are. And then, the day after we’ll continue onward, back to the business of business. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) knows we can and must do better.

The nearly unbearable reality is that most of us had drifted so far from any connection to our earth mother, that fifty years ago a few of the best among us set out to defend her—to remind us where we came from, to connect us to her suffering, and to all that was at stake.

For me, despite the profound gratitude I feel for the efforts of these remarkable individuals, over the decades each Earth Day has become less about what was possible, and more about what was beginning to appear impossible.


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Over the fifty years since environmentalists announced the first Earth Day hoping to startle us to attention, we have moved further and further from connection with the Earth. We’ve been stuck, and for a myriad of reasons.

We’re overworked. Distracted. The onslaught of marketers manipulating us into thinking we must have more of everything. Disinformation. A broken political system unable to protect us or even agree on basic science. Big Oil’s dark money that corrupts so many of those sworn to defend us. And in my opinion, the single most important reason we have not met the moment—fear.

We must find the courage to face the climate emergency. As we arrive at Earth Day 2020, a global pandemic of biblical proportions has already taken the lives of more than 176,000 and continues to unleash unimaginable suffering and grief throughout the world.

We are learning how quickly everything that seems dependable can collapse. Of how interconnected we are. And yet, many among us still resist the opportunity to pause. Rethink. Reimagine.

We will not outrun the reality of a climate collapse. There is no longer enough time. We must meet the moment head on. We will either rise or fall together. Let’s rise!

With that as the backdrop, tomorrow begins three days of hope and action! The young organizers of this year‘s Earth Day events had been planning 3 days of on-the-ground events, but had to pivot to address the reality of the pandemic.

They are brilliant. They are motivated. They are the future. PDA is proud to be a partner organization with the Earth Day Live 2020 young climate champions.

You can find the schedule of the LIVE STREAMED events here. Today, we will STRIKE, on Thursday, we will DIVEST, and on Friday we will turn out the VOTE.

This year, with our allies at The Climate Mobilization, we joined with Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders to introduce the Climate Emergency Resolution into both chambers of Congress. The House version now has 103 co-sponsors, and we will soon resume our efforts to pass the resolution.

This pandemic makes it more clear now than ever before that to reject science and to not prepare for the known threat of the climate emergency is to put everything we hold sacred at risk. A national and global response to the climate emergency will save lives now and for the decades to come.

Join with us on the foundational pathway for a Green New Deal forged with dignity, jobs and justice for all. PDA is committed to leading on the climate emergency. Please, please join this week’s events as well as DONATE every month to sustain PDA’s Climate Emergency work.


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