No time for lollygagging!

Jan 3, 2021

Let’s get to work!

Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team


PDA is All-In on 2021—Are You In With Us?


The New Year is three days old, the 117th Congress convenes, there are two critical runoff elections in Georgia on Tuesday, and PDA just held our first Healthcare Emergency Town Hall of 2021. No time for lollygagging!

At the beginning of this new administration, we have unique opportunities to shape policies on overcoming the pandemic, fighting the climate emergency, and bringing positive change to America’s racial and economic landscape. Right this moment the possibilities are endless, but we do not have a moment to waste.

Today through Tuesday, PDA is mobilizing all of our resources to wrest control of the Senate away from Mitch McConnell by winning the two US Senate runoff races in Georgia. It’s not too late to volunteer. We opened the New Year with vital information on our Medicare For All campaign. Our expanded Congressional Office Liaison Program is ready to launch. We will be announcing initiatives on the climate crisis, racial and economic justice, and election integrity in the coming days.

All of these efforts require sustained support from our friends who value progressive policy progress as much as we do. Please help us with a monthly gift of $46, $27, $20.21, $10, or $5.