Nina Turner & PDA: a Partnership for the People!

Nov 15, 2023 | PDA News

Nina Turner’s “We Are Somebody” is committed to working class empowerment, just like PDA! Learn all about it! 


On Sunday November 5th, Nina Turner joined our weekly Town Hall to let the PDA family know about her new project – We Are Somebody – which is all about building support for the labor movement among the general population.  This, of course, has been a major goal of PDA’s since our inception.  So, the Town Hall on the 5th represented the beginning of a new partnership betwenn We Are Somebody and PDA.

Here’s a link to PDA’s Town Hall on the 5th in case you missed it.  Below is much more information about We Are Somebody – check it out!

Also, Nina Turner just happened to be the featured guest on the most recent installment of PDA’s premier podcast, Positively Progressive with host Donna Smith.  Listen to the episode with Nina here.

Just today, Bernie Sanders held Senate hearings about why the general welfare of American society is riding on the continued success of a revitalized labor movement. Nina Turner and PDA couldn’t agree more.  Great minds think alike indeed!  Learn more about We Are Somebody below.  In Solidarity!

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

We Are Somebody and PDA: Uniting Progressives in the Face of Unprecedented Labor Struggles

Today we are seeing unprecedented progress in the fight for workers’ rights and the advancement of the labor movement that thrives across the country and across industries. However, the resilience of the labor movement is met with unflinching corporate resistance committed to squeezing workers and protecting their bottom line. 

The progressive movement has always been lock-step with labor in the fight for fair wages, better benefits and safe working conditions. To protect these wins, solidarity is needed now more than ever. It’s time to fight back, together. 

That’s why I’m launching “We Are Somebody,” a capacity building organization for the working class. And I need you with me. 

Progressives + Labor Power 

I extend my gratitude to the Progressive Democrats of America for their longstanding commitment to push the Democratic Party and our country in a more progressive direction. We stand in solidarity with the likes of PDA as we embark on this transformative journey together for a better future, because our future is worth fighting for.

The State of the Movement

We have seen the push and pull of our movement, making great steps forward and the resistance and push backward and yet we must press on to lift the poor, the working, poor and the barely middle class. 

In the wake of recent strikes, from SAG-AFTRA and the Writers’ Guild to UAW and Kaiser Permanente workers, now is not the time to back down. Workers are winning and a demand has surfaced for a platform that not only reacts to the challenges workers encounter but also proactively tackles the systemic issues that have persistently weighed on the working class. 

“We Are Somebody”, will shine a spotlight on the trials and triumphs of workers, lifting their stories, amplifying their cause and breaking through the corporate noise. It will serve as an engagement and action hub to draw workers into the global movement to improve workers’ rights. 

Our Commitments, Urgent and Vital:

  • Bolster Union Strike Funds: We are committed to raising a multi-million dollar strike fund to give workers more leverage, if and when they need it to  hold the line in their pursuit of better work conditions.
  • Direct Action and Support to Frontline Workers: We will provide direct support to unions from the frontlines of a picket line, to supporting them organizationally through our union support hub. 
  • Elevate the Stories of Striking Workers: We will amplify and spotlight the voices of all workers and amplify their demands for a better future. 
  • Advocate for Systemic Change: We will stand shoulder to shoulder with all workers; whether it be at a ballot box to raise the minimum wage, at state capitals to demand pro-worker policies or on the frontlines of labor strikes and worker-led actions.

We cannot afford to be bystanders in this moment; we must be active participants in shaping a future where workers are not just survivors but thrivers. With every shared story, every act of solidarity, and every echo of our collective voice, we can build a society where workers thrive in an environment that respects and honors their worth.

We have two hands, one to reach forward and one to reach back, lifting as we climb. I need you in this righteous fight. Join “We Are Somebody.” Our time to act is now. Be part of our mission:

  • Join Us: Sign up for our newsletter, participate in our events, and engage in our campaigns.
  • Share the Word: Amplify our cause by sharing our mission within your network, on social media, and in your communities.
  • Support Our Work: Your contributions can fortify strike funds, amplify workers’ voices, and provide tangible support to those on the frontline.

Donate Here to We Are Somebody!

This is my call to you: Let’s rise together. Stand with us, support workers on the frontlines, and amplify our collective voice. Remember, every worker is somebody, you are somebody, and together, We Are Somebody.

In solidarity,

Nina Turner 

Founder, We Are Somebody