More Than 9 Million Americans Have Lost Their Healthcare During COVID-19

May 4, 2020

Solidarity,  Mike Hersh and Dr. Bill Honigman for Alan, Mike F., Dan, Donna, Janis, Deb, Bryan, and Kimberly—Your PDA National Team

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In The 2020 Democratic Party Platform

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Progressive Democrats of America has been mobilizing for Medicare For All (MFA) since our founding in 2004. MFA is overwhelmingly popular. Recent polling shows 88% of Democrats support it, making it a clear winner politically.

We’re concerned that unless the Democratic platform includes MFA, many voters may not be motivated enough to work for victory up and down the ballot.


Sign The Petition: Put Medicare For All
In The 2020 Democratic Party Platform

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May 6th, 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT—RSVP to Mike Fox

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Why we need Medicare For All (MFA) in one chart.

Workers who’ve lost health insurance during the pandemic:

Australia 🇦🇺 0
Belgium 🇧🇪 0
Canada 🇨🇦 0
Chile 🇨🇱 0
Denmark 🇩🇰 0
Finland 🇫🇮 0
France 🇫🇷 0
Germany 🇩🇪 0
Greece 🇬🇷 0
Hungary 🇭🇺 0
Iceland 🇮🇸 0
Israel 🇮🇱 0
Italy 🇮🇹 0
Japan 🇯🇵 0
New Zealand 🇳🇿 0
Norway 🇳🇴 0
Portugal 🇵🇹 0
South Korea 🇰🇷 0
Spain 🇪🇸 0
Sweden 🇸🇪 0
Turkey 🇹🇷 0
United Kingdom 🇬🇧 0
USA 🇺🇸 9,200,000+

The current profits over patients system was an outrageous injustice even before the pandemic. Now, this situation is unconscionable. If you agree, please pitch in your time and money now to empower our movement.

Healthcare professionals are getting sick and dying. This is because of the continued refusal of our elected officials to respond courageously or effectively. Contact your Senators and Representative by emailing Mike “Phone Guy” Fox. He’ll set you up with a script and talking points.

PDA invites you to join us for a Healthcare Emergency online town hall / webinar Wednesday, May 6th, 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT. Dr. Bill Honigman and guest speakers will address your concerns and answer your questions about the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Please contact Mike Fox to RSVP to join Wednesday’s Emergency Healthcare Webinar. You must RSVP. The access codes, phone numbers, etc. have changed.

Can’t make the call but still want to help our healthcare campaigns? Contact us and we’ll keep you as busy as you’d like to be.

Can’t volunteer? Then pitch in what you can to help finance our ongoing campaign for Medicare For All and other health policies we need to effectively respond to the pandemic, to promote an equitable economic recovery, and to upgrade our healthcare system.

We need an empowered, progressive mass movement to demand the policies and government responses needed to save lives and rebuild our shattered economy. We need your generous support to get there.


P.S.: Please remember to RSVP to Mike Fox to join our Healthcare Emergency Virtual Town Hall / Webinar Wednesday 5/6 from 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT. Mike will provide all the call-in information.

Then, join PDA investing to enact Medicare For All and science-based, effective, emergency COVID-2019 response policies.