MFA and COVID19 Update – October 25, 2020

Oct 26, 2020

By Dr. Bill Honigman, PDA Healthcare Human Rights, Coordinator – Progressive Democrats of America

COVID19 is yet again this week, a giant wake up call, for the Green New Deal,

or as some might prefer now to call it a new New Deal,

as well as for Medicare for All.


Again this week, the world is up an ungodly 2.8 million new cases of COVID19 to 42.5 million total, and 1,148,943 known deaths now due to this novel coronavirus, that’s up 38,951 deaths since just last week.  Spain and France are now joining the US, Russia, and India as showing increasing numbers infected and dying, and along with those other countries have renewed more stringent public health measures with this expected fall/winter surge of the disease.

The US continues as the undisputed leader of public health indifference and neglect with case counts in raw numbers far exceeding those of our next highest competitors India, Brazil, and Russia, and many times worse on a per capita basis.  Records for total new cases here were set just yesterday, that topped records set both the day before, and the day before that.  The total number of cases has reached 8.6 million, with over 225,000 deaths here in the US to date.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to deny the seriousness of the pandemic while he travels the country in the final days of his campaign, if not hopefully also the final days of his presidency.  Having claimed in the presidential debates last week, with about as little apparent substance as any part of his personal appearance, that we are “rounding the turn” on COVID19, whatever that means, as now even more of his White House staff and that of the Vice President, are in fact testing positive for the virus.  Is this the Trumpublican plan for dealing with this existential threat?

If all of this strikes you as having as much legitimacy as Donald Trump’s repeated claim to be the “least racist person in the room” in whatever room he happens to be in at any particular time, I think you are not alone.  I think, voters are rejecting this idea and his alleged plan, in droves.  At least, that’s what the phenomenal numbers reported on early voter turnouts across the country would suggest.

This new surge of COVID19 which is creating a second wave in some parts of the country and a third wave in others, is no doubt adding fuel to the fire of political polarity to a country and a world in crisis.

The resultant economic crisis, both national and global, that we are facing, and especially the adverse impact on our most underserved communities, the BIPOC, Black and Indigenous People of Color, communities are especially deserving of the expressions of outrage and necessary attention we must all give to solutions to be considered.  Solutions like a new New Deal or Green New Deal, that not only includes Medicare for All, but also includes advanced education for all, and sustainable communities and housing for all, and green energy jobs and justice for all, need to be addressed now, not later, not just after the inauguration, or after Nov 3rd,  addressed now to prevent even more unnecessary deaths and suffering.

The time for discussion and especially for action is now.

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