“Meet” Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff This Sunday

Jun 11, 2020

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) endorses only the most committed progressive champions. Andrew Romanoff is one of them. PDA is proud to endorse Andrew for Senate from Colorado. He’s won every test of support so far.

We’re working to help Andrew win his primary against a corporate-sponsored, machine-backed, conserva-dem. Now is the time to step up! Vote by mail ballots are going out now.

If you help Andrew win on June 30th, we’ll work to help Andrew defeat a Trumpublican and bring his progressive leadership to the U.S. Senate. Meet Andrew this Sunday! RSVP With Mike Fox Now to Reserve Your Spot.

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Progressive Andrew Romanoff

Meet Andrew This Sunday! RSVP With
Mike Fox Now to Reserve Your Spot

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PDA Deputy Director Michael Fox said, “Andrew Romanoff is a consummate advocate for environmental policies and a Green New Deal supporter. Also, his stances on Medicare For All, and social, economic, and racial justice—as well as peace, and getting big money out of politics—make him a well-rounded progressive champion. He will serve the people of Colorado brilliantly.”

PDA Colorado announced, “We are excited to announce our endorsement for Andrew Romanoff, candidate for United States Senate. We recognize his continuing efforts to tackle the climate crisis we are facing, to fight for Medicare for All and to support equal rights for all Americans and immigrants.”

If given a fair chance, progressives win nominations. If nominated, progressives win. However, if an establishment candidate needs help “clearing the field” and cannot compete fairly in a primary, then they’re a weak candidate.

If voters’ concerns are overridden or ignored, then turnout suffers, and the chances for right-wing Trumpublican victory increases. For all these reasons, we support progressives in primaries, and we empower primary voters to choose the strongest candidates—without sabotage or interference from insiders. If you agree, we need your help now.

We are working to help true progressives win primary and general election victories. They’ve all scored 100% on our exacting questionnaire, and all have strong local support. They all need your time and/or money to win. Overcoming conservative oligarchs isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. Can we count on you?

Please pitch in as much as you can afford right now, and sign up to make easy, effective phone calls from your own home to help Andrew win his primary. Just email Mike Fox with your contact information and he’ll get you on the phones.

Taking back the Democratic Party from the party bosses, corporations, insiders, and oligarchs won’t be easy or cheap. We need resources to organize behind strong candidates and sustain our “Take back The Party” operations. Sign up to make automatic monthly gifts right now.


P.S. Please pitch in now to support PDA’s mobilizing to help progressives win primaries and on November 3rd. We’re here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Director Dan O’Neal.

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