Medicare For All Is Closer Than Ever!

Jan 14, 2019

In solidarity,  Donna Smith for Alan, Mike F., Janis, Deb, Dan, Dr. Bill, Kim, Bryan, Mike H. and Shayna—your PDA National Team

Barnstorm And March For Justice And Medicare For All!

While we all fight to reopen our government, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) activists dedicate ourselves to keep moving forward on our Medicare for All (MFA) effort. This, as we have since our founding more than 14 years ago. As always, we progressives demand more progress; and thanks to your commitment, the doorway to passage of MFA is open wider than ever before!

We’re so pleased that the Women’s March (scheduled for this Saturday) has embraced Medicare for All as one of their priorities! Ever widening support, the exciting Medicare for All Caucus in Congress, and the newly sworn-in Democratic House majority empower all of us. These new political realities bring us new hope as we strive to replace the current inhumane greed-driven “wealth care” system with a life-saving, money-saving, comprehensive, high quality healthcare program—one that guarantees healthcare as a human right. Help PDA and our coalition partners spread the word!

Are You Going to a Women’s March on January 19th?
Click Here for Materials from NNU to Crowd Canvass!

Urge Your Representative to Join the MFA Caucus

Join or Host a MFA Barnstorming Tour Event

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Some background: In June of 2018, PDA met with our allies in the Medicare for All movement at the Healthcare-NOW National Strategy Conference held in Minneapolis. We planned together for an ambitious, intelligent, and focused campaign to enact expanded and improved Medicare for all. From then until now, we participated in MFA door-knocking efforts, training calls for activists, and heightened public awareness build energy and commitment.

PDA is mobilizing with the MFA coalition—led by our sisters and brothers of National Nurses United (NNA)—for February 2019 barnstorming events throughout the country. Join with us raising the national profile of single-payer / improved Medicare for All. Planning to attend a Women’s March Saturday January, 19? Please take that opportunity for some MFA crowd canvassing. Click here for a tool kit from NNU to help you canvass the crowd!

Our coalition has worked closely with Rep. Jayapal’s office for several months on the Expanded, Improved Medicare for All Act, to strengthen the legislation. We’re thrilled with the results, and we’re busily building support for an inspiring launch later this month, with the maximum possible number of original cosponsors. Now, it’s time to stand up together! Please host or help organize a local MFA barnstorming event to educate your community about MFA and organize ongoing efforts.

A huge majority of the American public already support of MFA. As usual, the public is leading the politicians—sometimes kicking and screaming. Now, we must bring our elected officials into alignment with that majority. Find a barnstorming event close to you, reach out to help, and get ready to rally support for healthcare justice.

This month, our Educate Congress Letter Drops will again push members of Congress to cosponsor Medicare for All legislation. Contact Mike Fox to get involved with our Educate Congress Letter Drops! Also, please join the PDA Phone Team making easy, effective calls from your own home with Mike “Phone Guy” Fox to help out! No time to make calls? Please pitch in to support our phone banking, help us design and distribute mobilization materials, and sustain our other organizing efforts.

Help spread the word on our progressive priorities. Visit the PDA Store to purchase high quality, American union-made items that amplify our progressive message. Our new Healthcare Not Warfare T-shirts are in! Hurry! PDA ships via USPS Priority Mail and rates are about to go up. Save money by ordering today.

Your monthly donation of $100, $27, $10, or $5 gives us the resources we need to sustain the struggle for healthcare as a human right. We don’t get a dime from corporations. We rely exclusively on support from activists like you. To build on our midterm successes, we need your help now! Please sign up now to make automatic monthly sustaining gifts or a generous one-time gift now. If you can give $5 per month, that’s great! $10? Wonderful! $27? Spectacular!

Whatever you can spare will help keep us working for you. Thanks so much for anything you can do right now to help us reach our goal of 100 new monthly sustainers this month. Thank you so much for supporting PDA and our shared efforts for progress! We appreciate you more than words can say.

In solidarity,

Donna Smith for Alan, Mike F., Janis, Deb, Dan, Dr. Bill, Kim, Bryan, Mike H. and Shayna—your PDA National Team

P.S. We’re here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Dan O’Neal. Join the PDA Phone Team making easy, effective calls from your own home with Mike “Phone Guy” Fox. Also please pitch in $1000, $100, or whatever you can afford to support our organizing for Medicare For All.


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