Lots of Hard Work Ahead

Nov 22, 2020

For a more progressive future,
Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team

We Can Face the Hard Work Ahead of US Together


This year’s election was historic, but it was not the end of the process to reclaim the soul of our country; rather, it was the beginning of a long road back to where we were four years ago when the Trump machine took a wrecking ball to American values and progressive priorities. In addition, the intensifying pandemic, a faltering and lopsided economy, and catastrophic climate change are spiraling out of control.

In 58 days Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as President and Vice President. Even as we try to move forward on human rights, health care, environmental sustainability, election integrity, national security without rampant militarism, and reduction of the wealth gap, we face a landscape of destruction from coast to coast. Racial tensions are inflamed, more people are dying from COVID-19 daily than perished in Hurricane Katrina, 2020 will be among the warmest years on record, loser Donald Trump and his enablers have cast lingering partisan doubt on our electoral process, our allies doubt us while adversaries ignore us, and the wealth gap continues to widen. We have a lot of work to do, and PDA is in the game, day in and day out. We need your help.

Let’s be very clear. We cannot turn back the clock, nor would that be a sufficient goal. Still, we have huge amounts of damage to repair from the Trump regime even as we work to advance progressive priorities that favor and empower all Americans.

Your monthly sustaining gift of $25, $10, or $5 enables PDA to continue and expand our efforts to elect outspoken progressive candidates and hold elected officials accountable.

One election is over. The battle for the Senate majority comes in 45 days. As Senators and Representatives move into the Biden administration, special elections will pop up in their wake. We will be ready then only if you help us now. Please give generously.