Let’s Turn the Midwest Progressive Blue: Support JD Scholten, Kara Eastman, and Cori Bush

Oct 20, 2020

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

Support PDA’s Efforts to Elect Progressive Champions

JD Scholten, Kara Eastman, and Cori Bush


We, at PDA, understand that progressive politics are a perfect fit for the entire country.


We support policies that will build what the vast majority of Americans want: a prosperous, inclusive middle-class society in harmony with the earth’s environment.

That message plays just as well in Peoria as it does in Providence or Portland.

So, we are excited to support three brilliant progressive challengers in the heart of the country: Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri.

In Iowa, JD Scholten is trying to win the last remaining GOP-held Congressional district – and he’s such an unwavering progressive that he refuses to accept any money that’s tied in any way to corporate America. So, JD has refused support from the DCCC. That leaves it up to true progressive organizations like PDA to help lift JD to victory. In 2018, he came within a whisker of winning. Let’s help send JD to Washington to serve the people in Iowa’s fourth district by donating or volunteering.
In Nebraska, Kara Eastman also almost won in 2018 and she’s back again trying to topple incumbent Republican Don Bacon. Also, just like JD, Kara is a true progressive, who will not only join with progressives on Capitol Hill – but even more importantly, Kara will, by example, show the people of Nebraska and the Midwest how the progressive agenda is their agenda!  Kara is dead-even in the polls. We can lift her to victory: donate to Kara’s campaign or volunteer.

In Missouri, Cori Bush shocked the political establishment with her stunning primary victory over the Clay family dynasty in St. Louis.  Cori is about as unapologetic a radical progressive as there is in American electoral politics. We need Cori in Congress, right there beside AOC, Rashida, Ilhan, and Ayanna. Let’s make sure the Republicans can’t swoop in and upset Cori: Donate or volunteer.

With JD, Kara, and Cori together in Washington, the progressive political revolution launched by PDA and Bernie Sanders will be more alive than ever.