Let’s Send Progressive David Palmer to DC!

May 12, 2022 | PDA News

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Downstate Illinois Needs a Progressive Independent Voice in Congress:

David Palmer will be Our Voice


PDA National has endorsed our first Downstate Illinois Progressive Champion, David Palmer, who is running in newly redrawn IL-13!

IL-13 is now more diverse and more concentrated on college towns than the old 13th district, and now leans Democratic, according the Cook Political Report. We need a fresh and independent voice to champion the people of Downstate Illinois, and we’ve found that voice in David Palmer.

Palmer’s progressive views date back to his childhood and his father’s moral example as a dedicated and active community member, ensuring that family and neighbors faced a fair playing field. After a professional basketball career, Palmer settled in Champaign, IL, with his family, mentoring young people and providing financial planning services for elders and rural families.

Unlike his corporate- and establishment-backed primary opponent, Palmer strongly supports legislation to rein in and reverse the climate crisis as articulated in the Green New Deal; he supports healthcare as a human right, to be achieved through Medicare For All; he is a fierce advocate for breaking the school-to-prison pipeline and de-escalating community violence. He has pledged not to become a lobbyist after a congressional career.

Now we are going to be blunt here. For the last four elections, the DCCC-backed candidate has won the IL-13 primary and gone on to face defeat in the general election. In contrast to the current establishment candidate, David Palmer is a longtime resident of the district, motivated by his sense of civic duty, and running a people-powered campaign on the ground and on the airwaves. These are perilous times for progressive goals and for our very system of democratic governance. We need a progressive who thinks independently of DCCC briefing books and talking points.We need David Palmer in Congress!

This open House race is winnable both in the primary and the general election.

Volunteer and donate to support David, and to help PDA spread the word about this vital campaign in a critical election cycle.