Let’s Replace Susan Collins With Progressive Betsy Sweet

Apr 29, 2020

In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Donna, Dan, Janis, Deb, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA national team.

Help Elect Progressive Betsy Sweet


As the COVID-19 crisis continues, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s extremism once again casts a chilling, anti-democratic, and dangerous shadow over our nation. Senate Republicans disdain their constitutional duty to serve the American people in just their latest outrageous obstruction.

McConnell and his cohorts—notably including Sen. Susan Collins of Maine—adamantly block desperately-needed COVID-19 recovery legislation. They are blocking 100s of bills the House of Representatives already passed—from protecting us from COVID-19 and our elections from domestic and foreign interference (H.R. 1) to gun safety, environmental protection, and major investments in people to help us survive.


Pitch In To Help PDA And Betsy Sweet!


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Our mission to bring your grassroots voice into the halls of power depends on your generosity. We refuse to ask for or accept donations from corporations or other status quo or conservative sources. That keeps us independent and effective, but unless you step up now, we cannot accomplish our shared goals.

Unlike many other organizations, we expend our time and resources during the primaries because we know Neoliberals come in Red and Blue. We support progressives like Betsy Sweet.

We understand that Corporate Democrats oppose policies we need like the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, Climate Emergency Action, Clean Elections, Dignity for Immigrants, Ending Corporate Rule, Peace, and so much more!

Betsy Sweet said, “I am thrilled to be endorsed by such a respected organization in the realm of progressive politics. This grassroots campaign is about a movement, not just one individual, and I’m excited that PDA’s members overwhelmingly support our effort.”

PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky said, “Betsy Sweet is a true progressive leader and she will be a great progressive Senator. Betsy understands the importance of ‘inside/outside’ strategies, because she spent years working as a citizen reformer on women’s rights, public campaign finance, and voting reform issues for several years.”

Alan added, “It is absolutely essential that the Democratic Party win control of the U.S. Senate away from Mitch McConnell in 2020. For that to happen, we must flip the Maine Senate seat next year. Republican Susan Collins is more-than-vulnerable, following her disgraceful support for Brett Kavanaugh. That’s why we endorsed Betsy Sweet in this key battleground.”

Alan concluded, “Betsy is a pioneering progressive activist who listens and brings people together to turn bold ideas into change that helps those who need it most.”

Betsy was a prominent advocate for Maine’s groundbreaking Clean Election Act, and she’s championed public financing, instant runoff / ranked choice voting etc. She’s run statewide before, and has an energized base of support. She is committed to running a clean campaign, accepting no corporate donations.

Betsy is a lifelong feminist organizer, which makes her the perfect foe for Susan Collins. Most importantly, Betsy is perfectly in line with the progressive spirit that is sweeping the Democratic Party.

Betsy exemplifies political courage, intelligence, and leadership. She has always stepped up to lead on efforts to end social and economic injustice. She has taken on tough struggles when others shied away, and she has worked tirelessly to protect the vulnerable from harm. She will make an exemplary U.S. Senator.

As long as Trumpublicans control the Senate, they will hold essential policies hostage to their hyper-partisanship. Susan Collins, a right-wing extremist in moderate’s clothing, is emblematic of the corrupt, corrosive, false promise of status quo establishment “consensus politics” that shortchange regular people to lavish unearned largess on the wealthy elite.

To end this dangerous abuse of power and to serve the needs and aspirations of We the People, we must work to make the Senate more progressive. That’s why Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), endorsed Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senator from Maine. The decision was easy.

Betsy earned 90% support in PDA’s endorsement poll. The PDA National Election Team reviewed her questionnaire, and enthusiastically supported her endorsement. Betsy is dedicated to making progress in the Senate and we know she can get the job done because of her inspiring career of visionary grassroots leadership.

PDA continues raising money for the Sweet campaign, and—with your help—we will organize volunteer phone banks, house parties, and otherwise support Betsy Sweet’s candidacy.

You can help us make a real difference by pitching in! Volunteer To Help Elect Betsy Sweet! Click Here! No time to spare? Then, Pitch In To Help PDA And Betsy Sweet!

Betsy’s opponent, Sara Gideon, is supported by the Democratic establishment and they’ve already tried to ignore Betsy and obstruct her using their insider networks and deep pockets.

Betsy is facing a significant funding disadvantage but, with your support, we know Betsy can and will prevail in the primary and beat Susan Collins in November! Can we count on you? Please donate generously to Betsy Sweet’s campaign and PDA’s efforts on her behalf.


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