Laughing While People Suffer — Trumpublican Storm Warning

Aug 26, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Hurricane Harvey begins its assault on the Texas coast tonight, and what was Trump doing?  He was assaulting justice as he pardoned Maricopa County, Arizona, former sheriff Joe Arpaio, and he was assaulting transgender Americans as he signed the ban on trans in the military services.  So as North Korea lobs short range missiles in the midst of all of this, who among us feels protected from our own president and his Trumpublican friends in Congress?

This is just a message from one PDA friend to another on a Friday evening to thank you for fighting back and for standing for what we do — justice, peace, and equality.  Resist and insist.  No one understands that better than PDA does.

During this time during which we are all called upon to live up to our charge to protect our neighbors as we would wish our neighbors to protect us, the time has come to reach out in a very real way to the people in your communities and organize. Go wherever progressives are gathered for advocacy and actions and lend support.  Listen to one another, and reach out to frightened communities.  Arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder, now is the time to defend one another.  In doing so, we defend the nation against the cruelty and injustice of Trumpublican rule.

Wishing safety for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey.  I am sure we were all comforted by the Trumpublican President’s comments, “Good luck.” We will overcome.