Join your fellow Progressives in a Post-Presidential Debate Discussion.

Oct 22, 2020

In solidarity,

The PDA Team


Join Your Fellow Progressives for a Post-Debate Discussion

THIS EVENING: Thursday (10/22) right after the “debate.”

7:30pm PDT, 10:30 EDT.

Register NOW for this PDSMM/PDA/PDA-CA Zoom event

Besides Progressives like YOU, the discussion will include a host of Progressive champions:

Alan Minsky, PDA Executive Director
Rep. Ted Lieu
Daniel Ellsberg
Susie Shannon
Harvey Wasserman
Joel Segal
Russell Greene
Kwazi Nkruma
Jodi Evans

As you know, this Thursday evening from 6pm-7:30pm will be the second 2020 Presidential Debate unless it is canceled at the last minute.  Join PDSMM, PDA-CA and PDA for a Progressive Post-Mortem of Thursday evening’s second Presidential debate. 

PDA will have a Zoom discussion of the debate that just finished.  Was it a fiasco like the first debate?  How did Biden do?  Was Trump as awful as last time?  Was it another embarrassment to our country?  Were either of them “Presidential?” Did either of them make any good points? Were any voter minds changed?  Are we more or less optimistic about Trump being voted out of office after this debate? 

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