Join a John Lewis “Good Trouble Vigil” near you for voting rights

Jul 12, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity with Good Trouble,
Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

Join a John Lewis Good Trouble Vigil Near You, Saturday, July 17: RSVP Here


Saturday, July 17th marks the one-year anniversary of civil rights icon John Lewis’ unfortunate passing.

Were he still with us today, there’s no question he would be bringing that bridge-in-Selma energy to combating the draconian voter suppression laws that are getting passed by Trumpublican state legislatures across the country.

John Lewis put his body into the gears of the machine to help secure the Voting Rights Act of 1965. And between those state legislatures and the hyper-right Supreme Court, we now have fewer measures to guarantee that every U.S. citizen over age 18 has the right to vote, than we had in 1965.

John would not have stood by quietly. Now it’s our turn.

Click here to join a John Lewis Good Trouble Vigil near you.  

Can’t join a vigil that day but want to protect and enhance voting right? Let us know and we’ll get you on a productive project.

Invest in our campaign here.

We aren’t asking anyone to take the kind of beating John Lewis took on that fateful day on the Selma bridge. But we are asking that you honor his memory, his life, and his unwavering commitment by doing all you can do now.



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