It’s Who Trumps Trump Tuesday — And We Know Who

Oct 24, 2017

By   Donna Smith for the PDA National Team


Since he first arrived in Congress from the great state of Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Keith Ellison has been a progressive champion. Keith Ellison trumps Trump.  Today and every day.

Keith Ellison has been supporting healthcare as a human right and co-sponsoring HR676, John Conyers’ Medicare for All bill in the House, nearly since the day he arrived in Congress in 2007
Keith Ellison stands with us in believing we must aggressively address the climate emergency.  He supports the OFF Fossil Fuels for a Healthy Future Act, HR3671, that would be optimal for moving to 100% renewable sources of energy by the year 2035.  He is the original sponsor of the Inclusive Prosperity Act, HR1144 (the Robin Hood Tax), that offers a common sense, progressive revenue source to allow the nation to stand up for future generations and our planet rather than reaching backwards to capture some long lost sense of nationalistic greatness.

Keith Ellison has committed to us over and over again —  through his service as co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, his support for Bernie during the presidential primary, and his courageous efforts to bring more progressive energy and effort to the DNC as its deputy chair — that he intends to represent our progressive values even when that is difficult. As great Minnesota progressives that have come before him, like Paul Wellstone, Keith calls to our higher ideals and our sense of justice as we face attacks from those who would deny others a fair shake.

We know our efforts are not in vain when we look to progressive champions like Congressman Keith Ellison.  There is no doubt that in every measure of leadership that honors his constituents and the broader American people, Keith trumps Trump.

So please contribute to Keith’s re-election and our efforts on his behalf and for a more progressive world for us all.

In Solidarity,
Donna Smith for the PDA National Team

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  1. Bryan Wm. Blakely

    I would be curious to know what Keith thinks of recent Tom Peres changes (?) shenanigans (?) at the DNC.