It’s Not Enough to be a Democrat – Reflections on the Final Day of Women’s History Month 2022

Mar 31, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team


It’s Not Even Enough to be a Democratic Woman:
Check out PDA’s endorsed candidates as we close Women’s History Month 2022


Progressive Democrats of America endorses truly progressive candidates who articulate progressive policies on the campaign trail from coast to coast. As Women’s History Month ends, we highlight five astounding women challengers we have endorsed for this election cycle.

Former State Senator Nina Turner will face Democratic establishment incumbent Shontel Brown in a rematch on May 3 in OH-11. Nina not only supports progressive policies wholeheartedly, she is a truly unique politician—tireless, inspiring, and visionary—unafraid to confront the powerful and, as such, able to motivate the positive transformation our society so desperately needs.

Doyle Canning, an exceptionally strong environmentalist, is running for the open seat in OR-04 on May 17. Doyle is a community organizer, attorney, mother, and proven progressive leader. She has been building movements for strong climate solutions, working families, racial justice, immigrant rights, homes for all, and environmental restoration for 20 years. As climate science makes clear, we need people with Doyle’s background and commitment in the U.S. Congress.

Also in Oregon, Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running in OR-05 to unseat Kurt Schrader, one of the few Democratic House members who actively worked to undermine President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. A former union member from a working-class household, who has owned a small business, practiced law, and served as an emergency response coordinator, Jamie also served as a local City Council member for over a decade. She is a powerful advocate for civil rights, and the first out Lesbian to win an election east of Oregon’s Cascades.

May 17 is also Primary Day in North Carolina, where former State Senator Erica Smith is running in NC-02. Erica is an accomplished public servant, and powerful advocate for progressive policies such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal—as well as for family farmers. She is a transformational candidate for the people of the district and the country, stating, “We will come together, from small towns and farms across our district, to win this seat and deliver a New Deal for rural North Carolinians.”

Jessica Cisneros, facing a May 24 primary runoff election with incumbent Henry Cuellar in TX-28, is a 26-year-old lawyer and activist who has been a staunch advocate for her South Texas community her entire adulthood. After the first primary round, Cisneros said, “Today, we proved just how powerful our movement is and are ready to keep fighting for the future we deserve. Together, we will take control back from Big Oil, private prisons, and Wall Street, and put it back where it belongs: with the people.”

PDA is proud to endorse and support these fine candidates and many others in the coming months. Click here to see all of our endorsed candidates so far.

Conservative Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin quipped that if we want more progressive policies enacted, then we should elect more progressives. We agree, and we are doing our best to ensure that the 118th Congress not only looks more like America, but also will serve Americans’ interests with popular progressive policies. Help us with a donation and/or with your time.